In the world of MMORPGs, especially in World of Warcraft (WoW), there's a longstanding belief that serious players don't click their skills—they keybind them for faster, more efficient gameplay. Yet, Durendil, a dedicated hunter, defies this norm by clicking his abilities and still managing to solo raid bosses. His latest feat? Soloing Tindral Sageswift, armed with nothing but a spreadsheet and raw grit.

The Unlikely Hero: Durendil

Who is Durendil?

Durendil is a renowned WoW player known for his unconventional playstyle and impressive solo achievements. Unlike most high-end players who use keybindings to optimize their gameplay, Durendil clicks his abilities—a method often considered less efficient. Despite this, he consistently achieves feats that many keybinders find challenging.

Durendil’s Latest Feat: Tindral Sageswift

Durendil's recent victory over Tindral Sageswift, a boss in the Normal raid difficulty, showcases his remarkable skills and dedication. While Normal raids are typically tackled by groups, Durendil managed to solo the boss, which usually requires at least ten players. This accomplishment highlights his strategic thinking and perseverance.

The Strategy Behind the Success

Preparation and Planning

Durendil's approach to soloing raid bosses involves meticulous preparation. He uses a spreadsheet to analyze his attempts, plan his strategies, and optimize his character’s abilities and gear. This level of detail is crucial, especially for bosses like Tindral Sageswift, who deal immense damage and require precise management of defensive cooldowns and positioning.

Key Techniques and Tools

  • Defensive Cooldowns: Durendil equips his character with a variety of defensive tools, such as Fyrakk's Tainted Rageheart, to survive the boss’s powerful attacks.
  • Racial Abilities: Leveraging his character’s dwarven racial ability, he can dispel critical debuffs that might otherwise end his run.
  • Spreadsheet Analysis: By spending about 20% of his time analyzing his attempts with a spreadsheet, Durendil refines his strategy, ensuring each attempt is better than the last.

Why Click Skills?

Defying Conventional Wisdom

Most high-end players prefer keybinding because it allows for quicker reactions and more efficient use of abilities. However, Durendil’s success proves that skill and determination can outweigh conventional methods. His ability to click skills and still perform at a high level challenges the status quo and inspires other players to find their unique paths to success.

Durendil’s Perspective

For Durendil, clicking skills isn’t a limitation but a choice. His success demonstrates that mastery of game mechanics and strategic thinking are more important than the method used to activate abilities. His playstyle encourages players to focus on understanding the game deeply rather than just following popular trends.

Durendil’s Legacy and Community Impact

Contributions to the WoW Community

Durendil is more than just a solo player; he’s an active contributor to the WoW community. He has authored soloing guides on WoWHead, sharing his knowledge and strategies with other players. His achievements spark discussions and debates, especially among those who believe keybinding is essential for high-level play.

Controversies and Recognition

Durendil’s unconventional methods have sometimes stirred controversy. For instance, he once discovered a hidden mount before a dedicated secret-finding community, leading to mixed reactions. Despite this, his accomplishments are widely recognized, proving that skill and ingenuity can triumph over traditional norms.


Who is Durendil? Durendil is a World of Warcraft player known for soloing raid bosses by clicking his abilities, a method considered less efficient than keybinding.

What is Durendil’s latest achievement? Durendil recently soloed Tindral Sageswift, a boss in the Normal raid difficulty, using a combination of strategic planning and defensive cooldowns.

How does Durendil prepare for soloing raid bosses? He uses a spreadsheet to analyze his attempts, plans his strategies meticulously, and equips his character with defensive tools to survive powerful attacks.

Why does Durendil click his abilities instead of keybinding? Durendil clicks his abilities by choice, demonstrating that deep understanding and strategic thinking can outweigh conventional methods like keybinding.

What impact has Durendil had on the WoW community? Durendil has authored soloing guides, contributed to discussions, and inspired other players with his unconventional yet effective playstyle.

What controversies has Durendil faced? Durendil has stirred controversy, such as discovering a hidden mount before a dedicated community, but his achievements are widely recognized and respected.


Durendil’s story is a testament to the power of determination and strategic thinking. By clicking his abilities and using meticulous planning, he has achieved feats that many consider impossible. His success challenges conventional wisdom and inspires players to find their unique paths in the game. As Durendil continues to defy expectations, the WoW community eagerly awaits his next achievement. Whether you click or keybind, his story proves that true mastery comes from understanding and ingenuity.

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