Fans of the Warcraft universe are buzzing with anticipation and speculation about a potential Warcraft 2 movie coming to Netflix. The original film, released in 2016, brought the epic conflict between the Alliance and the Horde to the big screen. Although it received mixed reviews and moderate box office success, the possibility of a sequel has always lingered. Here’s everything you need to know about the rumors and the reality behind Warcraft 2.

Origins of the Rumor

Fan-Made Trailers Spark Speculation

Rumors about Warcraft 2 coming to Netflix gained traction with the release of two fan-made trailers. The first, titled "Warcraft 2: The Lich King," appeared in September 2023, followed by "Warcraft 2: The Final Chapter" in June 2024. These trailers, crafted by Foxstar Media, skillfully blend footage from the original Warcraft movie with cinematic elements from the World of Warcraft game. Despite their high-quality production, these trailers are not official, and no studio confirmation exists for a sequel.

Previous Statements by Director Duncan Jones

Director Duncan Jones, who helmed the original film, had expressed interest in a sequel shortly after the first film's release. However, by 2018, Jones seemed less optimistic about continuing the saga. Despite this, fans have held onto hope, fueled by occasional hints and teases from industry insiders and Blizzard executives.

The Real Story Behind Warcraft 2

Current Status

As of now, there is no official announcement or confirmation from Blizzard or Netflix regarding a Warcraft 2 movie. While the fan-made trailers have stirred excitement, they are not indicative of any concrete plans. However, the continued interest and speculation among fans suggest that the Warcraft franchise still has potential for future cinematic ventures.

Industry Insider Insights

In 2020, industry insider Daniel Richtman reported that Legendary Pictures was exploring another installment in the Warcraft series. Although this raised hopes, no subsequent updates have confirmed the development of a sequel. Warcraft franchise director John Hight also hinted at the possibility of future movies, emphasizing the need for the right creative team to bring the project to life.

The Future of Warcraft on Screen

Potential Storylines

Should a sequel be greenlit, there are several potential storylines to explore. The most likely continuation would involve the rise of the Lich King, one of the most iconic and beloved arcs in the World of Warcraft lore. This storyline could provide a rich narrative, deep character development, and the epic battles that fans crave.

Blizzard’s Focus

Currently, Blizzard Entertainment is primarily focused on its core gaming projects. However, the success of other gaming franchises in film and television suggests that a return to the big screen for Warcraft isn’t entirely out of the question. The franchise’s extensive lore and dedicated fan base provide a strong foundation for potential future adaptations.


Is Warcraft 2 officially confirmed to be coming to Netflix? No, there is no official confirmation that Warcraft 2 is coming to Netflix. The trailers that sparked the rumors are fan-made.

Who created the Warcraft 2 trailers circulating online? The trailers were created by Foxstar Media, known for producing high-quality fan-made concept trailers.

What are the chances of a Warcraft 2 movie happening? While there is no official announcement, the enduring interest from fans and occasional hints from industry insiders suggest that a sequel remains a possibility.

What potential storylines could Warcraft 2 explore? A sequel could explore the rise of the Lich King, a significant and popular storyline in the World of Warcraft universe.

What is Blizzard's current focus regarding the Warcraft franchise? Blizzard is primarily focused on its gaming projects, but the potential for future cinematic adaptations remains due to the franchise's rich lore and dedicated fan base.


While the rumors of Warcraft 2 coming to Netflix are based on fan-made trailers rather than official announcements, the excitement they have generated shows the franchise's enduring appeal. As fans continue to hope for a sequel, the vast potential of the Warcraft universe remains a tantalizing prospect for future cinematic adventures. For now, the original Warcraft film is available on Netflix, keeping the spirit of Azeroth alive for audiences around the world.

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