Tips for your Jewelcrafting Business

Ok guys I just felt like writing a quick guide and quick tips on why I think Jewelcrafting is the best profession ever and little tips on how to maximise your profits as well as making extra gold from tips.

DISCLAIMER: Not a get rich quick and mega gold guide.. Rather than how to get extra few hundred/thousands gold while afk-ing in your capital city (Orgrimmar). Browsing AH, etc. In short, You chill out and make extra gold while waiting for raid, or wintergrasp or whatever....

If you wanna make more gold. simply just double or triple my effort. Personally I raid, pvp, and do other random stuff so yes I could make way more, but I play this game for other stuff than making gold 24/7

NOTE: This will vary from server to server, depending on your economy and population. It worked on mine, so if your server sucks,... *shrug* move server?

So here we go.

Why Jewelcrafting?

Granted it's pretty expensive to level up..You would spend 2-3k gold on low level mats (yes you can even make money selling overpriced mats for others who are trying to level up JC) but here's the best part.

WORST CASE SCENARIO, you will get your gold back no matter how much you spent by selling dragon eyes that you get from JC daily.

So for example.. lets say I spent 3k gold leveling my JC.. Dragon eyes sells for 85 gold each, If I do my JC daily it only takes 35 days go get your gold back. (Personally I spent 2.4k)

I don't think anybody nowdays are dead poor that they sell all their JC tokens into dragon eyes. What I'm saying is that for those who are really really poor can get their money back, while those who have the gold to spare can go straight to buying JC recipes.

In my opinion I have leveled Blacksmithing, Leatherworking, Enchanting and none come close that any of these professions actually provided me any daily gold income... or what I call a gold sink. Unless you're a gatherer (skinning, mining, herbing) but I can't be stuffed running around flying picking up things.

Last, the sole reason why this market will never ever go out of business is simply because.... Every single gear you can find now has sockets to fill!

Thanks to blizzard easy mode Emblem of Triumph + Dungeon Tool, Pro's, newbs, alts now gear up quicker than ever and most of them have dual specs too! making sure that Jewelcrafting business only gets better and better. (on the other hand it's crap for enchanters :P)

JC Recipes

Ok, JC recipes cost gold... WHAT?!? But dude they cost free! all you gotta do is do JC daily for few days and you can pick any recipe from the JC trainer at Dalaran!

No, it's called opportunity cost, feel free to google and find out what it means. But basically lets say you did a 4 days of JC daily and end up with 4 JC tokens that can potentially be traded for Dragon Eyes and be sold, that's how much your recipe cost 85gold x 4 = 340gold for a recipe. So I am here to discuss what recipes you should get because if you get a recipe that really doesn't sell... you just cost yourself 340g (for example)

(a)The best way for any business to be successful and easy, is to determine how large your market is.

Quick Quiz: Let's say you're a Hunter with JC tokens to spend.. should you get... +20 STR cut, +20 SpellPower cut or +40Attack Power cut?

Here's how to determine your market.

+40 Attack Power... Hmm the only class that would want attack power gems are Enhancement Shamans and Mutilate Rogues so you wanna give this recipe 2 Points

+20 Spell Power.. Mages, Warlocks, Shamans, Priests, Druids wow quite a big market. give this recipe 5 points.

+20 Strength. Ret Paladins, Warriors, DKs. Don't be put off by only 3 classes that only want the cut. Do you have any idea the amount of newbie players that are running around playing easy mode class? This recipe gets 10 points easy just because, simply there are so many players would be wanting this gem!

Ok so real quickly I will run down which cuts you should get that has an established market already. Note that this information is very common just simply inspecting all the pro players, armory top players, looking at what majority of the people are socketing.

Red Gems

+20 Str - DKs, Ret Pallys, Warriors
+20 SpellPwr - Druids,Shamans,Mages,Warlocks,Priests
+20 Agility - Rogues, Hunters

Yellow Gems

+20 Int - Holy Paladins
+20 Haste - Shamans

Blue Gems

+30 Stamina - Tanks (druid,warriors,dk,paladins)

Purple Gems

+10 Spell Power +10 Spirit - Warlocks
+10 Parry + 15 Stamina - Tanks (except druid)
+10 Dodge + 15 stamina - Tanks

Green Gems (these gems suck)

+10 Defense +15 Stamina - Tanks

Orange Gems

+10 Str +10 Crit - DKs, Ret Pallys, Warriors
+10 Agi + 10 Crit - Hunters, Rogues
+12 Spell Power + 10 Haste - Boomkins, Mages, Warlocks, Ele shamans
+20 Attack Power + 10 Haste - Rogues, Enhance Shamans

Note: these are quick guide lines on which gems have what potential market. If you wanna argue regarding specs, talents, gem choice, I am not here for that, I am here to give a quick rundown which gems to get for a new JC business.

Cutting gems for tips

Ok I see this often, once people got 5 or more cuts, they decided that they have a "shop" and start spamming trade on linking their [Jewelcrafting] with macros such as

Trade Channel : Looking for work [Jewelcrafting] PST for the best cuts, most awesome service, friendly paladin who will tank for your heroics! 10g Per epic cut, 5g for blues.

Slightly exagerated but you get the point. Yes it's ok to make cute little macros to spam trade every 1-2 minutes.

But of course you notice there are simply spontaneous buyer yelling in trade channel : "LF JC " <- this is a red hot buyer ready to spend! Do NOT link them your [Jewelcrafting] unless they asked to.. why? Because people are simply lazy or don't have a clue how to navigate through it. You will not get the sale, simply it's really annoying. What you do is pst them "What cut you need?" because this way they can be very specific and easy to reply. They will type something along the lines of.... "can you cut +30 stamina?" if you have the cut the next step is to meet up.. "Yea, come top of Org bank" or meet me outside AH, or somewhere along those lines. Try this. you will get many more cuts and simply get more business (out play your competitors too)
Cutting gems for profits

Getting 10-15g per cut is a nice gold while I afk around in orgrimar browsing AH or chatting with friends/guildies. But there are better ways to maximise your profit by listing epic gems at Auction House.

Quick math (from my server)

Trade Channel: "WTS Cardinal Ruby 150g.. i got 6 pst.." <- Buy it Now because I afk around in org I can quickly check that a recipe that I got example.. bold Cardinal rubies are selling for 185g thats 35g profit per ruby! and the profit is from multipliers effect. 35gold x 6 = 210g Buy the ruby, cut it and sell im in AH. Golden rule while doing this: 1. List near or during peak hours when most players are online, when raiders finish their raids. More players online = more buyers 2. Undercut your competitors by 1gold to get the sale. 3. Only list maximum of 3 at a time. You will list the other 3 when your 3 have sold out. You don;'t want to flood the market or price will rapidly go down. Don't worry, epic gems always sells for themself! 4. Aim for 20g+ profit for gems minimum and diversify.. I list 2-3 gems of each color/cut and by the time I finish my raids. usually I would get 20g-30g profit x 3 gems x 7 types that I cut = 630gold of sales while I was out raiding. Passive sales ftw. All of you are capable of doing much more than I did of course.
Alchemy + Jewelcrafting = Easy gold

Making pots and flask sucks, simply because I think they nerf the procs (I used to do it in BC) and what you really wanna get is Transmute Mastery as Alchemist.

Personally I have 2 alts transmuting epic gems for me everyday, and if you're lucky, you can get really good procs of 2 or 3 epic gems every now and then.

Quick math.

I buy scarlet ruby (40g) + eternal fire (30g) cost = 70gold
I transmute it to Cardinal ruby, cut as delicate (+20agility) sells in AH for 185g

185gold - 70gold cost = 115gold profit.

Lets go for Dreadstones. Eternal Shadow(10gold) + Twilight Opal (12gold) dirt cheap on my server, because these eternal and gems are crap anyway. = 22gold cost
Transmute into dreadstone cut into +10dodge+15stamina (common tanking gem) sells in AH for 150gold

150gold - 22gold = 128gold profit

You can really have fun with this and find which transmute will net you the most gold..
If you're really dedicated I have a friend whos got like 5 alchemists on his alts transmuting everyday (and hoping for many procs!). So yeah it's pretty good.

Where to get more epic gems?

a. Alchemy from transmutes

b. Emblems. Trade your emblem of triumphs -> conquest -> valor -> conquest. tip: Shift + Click to trade large amount of emblems. try to go for purple or orange cause its cheaper (only 10) compared to red or yellow (20 emblems)

c. 10.000 honor = epic gems from pvp vendor in org. Try to buy Red

d. Trade in those useless stone keeper shards and WG marks (once you get all you want from the vendor: mammoth mount, heirlooms, etc) for honor.

e. Make a macro to spam trade channel. "Buying all Cardinal Ruby 150g, Dreadstones 110g, King's Ambers 130g Buying all COD or PST" make sure you get nice health profits to cut these gems.

Good Luck have fun

I hope this guide helps you guys rolling on your JC professions and of course I have to link to Krip the master himself

Video: How to make 20.000gold per hour

I think it's slightly exagerated and depends on your server. Let's say his profit margin is 10%.. he's still making 2000gold per hour before raiding which in my opinion is pretty good. The point we both try to make is that, go JC, makes loads of gold and dont buy gold.
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Make money with Titanium spike guards

Hey I know this is just another get mats-> make something -> ah = profit but i'm making a killing on it right now with little effort so I thought I would give some people the heads up on how I am making my money right now.

Everyone one is spamming heroics right now so the price on crusader orbs is getting really low. On my server i can grab 4 four for ~ 400g.

If you run a lot of heroics you can just spend 60 emblems of triumph to buy the 4x Crusaders orbs.

But a lot of people hit a plateau in item progression at heroics so they look to buy higher level items that they cant reach without raiding.

The ilevel 245 bracers from totc sell for around ~4k gold on my server and I can manage to sell 2-3 a day.

If you buy the mats the cost of getting a bracer is (sever dependent)
For Titanium spike guards (Titanium Spikeguards - Item - World of Warcraft)
8x Titan steel ~ 1k gold
1x elemental fire 20~30 gold
4x crusaders orb 400~600 gold or 60x triumph emblems
12x saronite bars ~25g

This adds up to around 2k on most servers while the bracers sell easily for 3k

So you can make a nice profit if you buy the mats off the ah and bug someone to craft them for you.
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Inscription: is card making profitable?

In this guide I show you how to determine weather or not making card, decks, and trinkets from the Inscription profession is profitable and if so, How much profit you can expect. But first off, a little background information on what you will need, and what I will be showing you.

Color Code:
RED = Preview
WHITE = topics / link
BLUE = Important numbers/profit
GREEN = Requirements
ORANGE = Example

You will be using THIS spell to make random card which when combined with the other 7 cards of it's same deck, will form a deck(A total of 8 cards per deck). From these decks you will be able to exchange them in for a trinket which many consider BIS until ToC10 trinkets.

*You will need to be(or have access to) a level 400/450 or higher "Scribe" (which is someone who has the "Inscription" profession)
*You will be using the spell: "Darkmoon Card of the North"
-Which(For each random card)requires you to have:
-Resilient Parchment x 1
-Snowfall Ink x 6
-Eternal Life x 3
-Ink of the Sea x 3

How does this spell work?
When you use this spell, it will create 1 of 32 random Darkmoon Cards which, when combined with the 7 other cads in the select deck(totaling 8 cards per deck, ace through 8) it will create a complete deck. In the table below, I will show you what Deck goes to what trinket.(***NOTE*** the Darkmoon fair only comes once every 3 weeks. it appears in either Goldshire(town outside of Stormwind), Outside the elevators leading to Thunderbluff, or outside of Shatt(the neutral city in Outlands)

Deck ---> Trinket

Chaos Deck ---> Darkmoon Card: Berserk
Undeath Deck ---> Darkmoon Card: Death
Nobles Deck ---> (Pick one) Either Strength, Spirit, Agility, or Intellect
Prisms Deck ---> Darkmoon Card: Illusions

In this section I will show you how to find out if making cards is profitable on your realm, along with how to minimize the cost of your materials to ensure maximum profit.

Your realm and You
first check your realm and see how much each deck is going for, along with it's corresponding trinket. Once you've figured that out, add them all together and divide the sum by 32(to get the average amount of gold you will sell your each card for).

Nobles deck = 4.5k
Undeath deck = 1.5k
Chaos deck = 0.5k
prisms deck = 1k
total = 7.5k
divide "total" by 32,
(7.5k/32 = 234.375gold per card)

now figure out how much each card will cost to create. to do this, you will need to find out the cost of your eternal life, snowfall ink, and sink of the sea. Then add the appropriate amounts together to find out how much each card will cost to create.

Eternal life(x3) = 20g x 3 = 60g
snowfall ink(x6) = 10g x 6 = 60g
ink of the sea(x3) = 3g x 3 = 9g
Resilient Parchment(VENDER) = 0.5g

Total per card = 129.5g

Now take the average price of your cards and subtract it from the material cost.

[234.375g] - [129.5g] = 104.875g

yep, that's right:
| 100g profit |

which is almost double profit!!!

Alternative to buying Ink of the Sea and Snowfall ink from the AH

(To make it easy, refer to the groups below to find out which herbs are in which group)
High Northern Herbs: Adder's Tongue, Icethorn, Lichbloom
Low Northern Herbs: goldclover, deadnettle, talandra's rose, tiger lily

Note: High Northern Herbs, when milled and made into inks, make 6 Ink of the Sea and 1 snowfall ink. Low Northern Herbs, when milled and made into inks, make 5 ink of the sea and 0.5 snowfall ink. Also you can trade in 10 ink of the sea to Jessica Sellers for 1 snowfall ink.

High Northern Herbs
if you mill 4 stacks of High Northern Herbs, you will get 24 ink of the sea and 4 snowfall ink. you can then exchange your 20 ink of the sea(extra) for 2 snowfall ink, which will total you with 6 snowfall ink and 4 ink of the sea.

Low Northern Herbs
if you mill 7 stacks of Low Northern Herbs, you will get 35 ink of the sea and 3.5 snowfall ink. You can then exchange the 30(extra) ink of the sea for 3 snowfall ink, which will leave you with 6.5 snowfall ink and 5 ink of the sea.

You will need to check with your server to see which way is cheaper, to buy snowfall ink and ink of the sea off the AH, or to mill 4 High Northern Herbs stacks or 7 Low Northern Herb stacks. so....:

if [cost of snowfall ink] x 6 + [cost of ink of the sea] x 3 is greater than [High Northern Herb stack] x 7 or [Low Northern Herb stack] x 7, then buy the inks form the AH, if the herbs are cheaper, buy the herbs and mill them.

***Tips and Tricks***


*Craft your cards in bulk*
some believe that it's better to craft all your cards at one time than to do 2 here, 5there, 3 the next day... etc. They believe that it has something to do with the RNG(or the Random Number Generator within the game) which determines which random card you will make at any given instant. The idea is that you will create one of each 32 cards(or close to it) rather than getting 3 prisms in a row, stopping, then in an hour you might get the same RNG and create 2 more prisms cards. so you could try it.

Deck ---> Trinket conversion

*exchange the decks for trinkets when you can*
It's really hard to sell your decks for 100% of the going price during the weeks between the darkmoon fair. You should ALWAYS trade your card decks for trinkets at every chance you get because someone will always need a trinket, whereas not everyone has the patience to wait 2-3weeks to trade their deck in for the trinket they want now.

*Nobles trinkets: trade for the strength and agility trinkets*
many melee DPS consider the strength and agility versions of the Nobles trinket to be BiS(Best in Slot) up until ToC10man, whereas many spell casters would rather have +spell power, +mp5, or + crit rather than +spirit or + intellect(especially when they're going for 4-5k)


*Supply and Demand*
DON'T FLOOD THE MARKET WITH YOUR ITEMS. this is defiantly not one of the markets you want to flood. we're dealing with items that go for upwards of 4-6k! if you flood/play undercut wars with people, this market can easily be cut down to 1/2 the normal price and you will get BURNED. keep (at most) two of each card, deck, and trinket up, but no more than 2 of each.

*If selling your cards/decks/trinkets in bulk, diversify*
It's easier to sell one trinket, one deck, and 5 nobles cards in one day, than it is to sell 3 decks per day. So if you're trying to sell a lot of your supplies at once, spread out how you will sell them.

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Buying Then Reselling Shirts On AH - Easy gold

Alright, so, you can buy many shirts for small amounts of prices (some only a few silver, ranges up to 25g), and resell them for twice or even more profit.

The full list of shirts can be found here: Shirt - Wowhead Search


The filligreed shirts are all sold in Dalaran for 25g (prices drop if your reputation with Kirin Tor is higher). I personally have sold them for 80g a piece on the Auction House. This method is similar to reselling the pets in Dalaran on the AH for a profit.
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How to Invite hundreds of people to a guild QUICK!

How To Invite Hundreds of People to Your Guild In Minutes!

Hi Guys! So I got invited to this guild yesterday and I was wondering how can I help the guild advance? Or how can I piss them off a little bit! So, I came across this addon and what it does is it LOOKS FOR PEOPLE FROM THE /WHO MENU AND JUST INVITES THEM!

How do I do this?

1. Go to - Addon Created by eggsampler (Download link for this file) VIRUS SCAN CLEAN!

2. Extract the .zip file and move the files to your World of Warcraft/Interface/Addons Folder

3. Make sure you click 'Load out of Date Addons' * IMPORTANT*

4. Load game, and make sure you are on a toon who has /ginvite capabilities

5. Type /rapedotty start

6. People will be invited and invited to your guild

7. Type /rapedotty stop, to stop the invites at any time!

How to change the addon so LEVEL'S 71-80 are invited to!

1. Open the RapeDotty.lua file *You will have to 'right click' and click open with... (use notepad or wordpad)

2. Change the line local endlevel = 1 to 80 *IMPORTANT*

3. Save the file and place the new file into your addon folder!
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Raid time is money time!

Every cycle in World of Warcraft is a source of income for those who use money-making techniques: whether a new expansion, patch, arena season or the every-day raid, these are all opportunities to maximize prices for items that you have or can get your hands on.

Before raids
Most guilds start raiding at around 7 PM server time. By that time, many players will have gotten the needed consumables for raids.

6 PM is the high-time to fulfill players’ raiding needs. Items that sell best before raids are:

  • Flasks –tanking, healing and DPS flasks.

  • Potions – particularly Runic Mana Potions can be
    sold for higher prices.

  • Bandages – Most players will already have a supply of these, but it’s always good to have them readily available for players who don’t farm as much to get the cloths.

During raids
Around half a server’s population (unless specifically PvP oriented) will raid during weekdays between 7 and 11 PM. This means that there will be around 50% less people farming or gathering everywhere. If you’re not a raider yourself, these hours are great for:

  • Eternal farming – especially in Lake Wintergrasp (if your faction controls it); since this place is also a world PvP zone, you’ll want to get some PvP gear with you. If you prefer the more quiet spots, try Storm Peaks or Zul’drak.

  • Gathering – Mines, Herbs and Skinnable mobs are more likely to be there, waiting for you to gather them!

  • General grinding – mobs who die fast, AoE spots, rare recipes will be there and you won’t have to fight other players for each mob.

After raids
Raids equal new gear. New gear requires new enchants, gems and so on. This is a good time for crafting professions to produce gold:

  • Enchanting Materials – essences, dusts and especially shards should be available in a high supply after raid times.

  • Enchanting Services – particularly for rare enchants that aren’t available in every guild (weapon enchants that drop in instances, rare world drops etc.) Remember to use
    Vellums to place Enchantments on the Auction House so you don’t waste your time shouting in cities.

  • Gems – a lot of players will buy rare gems for their
    new gear, both uncut and already cut.

  • Jewelcrafting services – Meta gems and rare gems can be cut for a small fee.

  • Leg patches
  • – tanking, melee DPS patches can be a good opportunity for Leatherworkers to make some extra cash. The healing and spell damage spellthreads will also be needed by healers and casters, so have your Frozen Orbs ready!
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Scholomance instance farming

Scholomance is located on the Isle of Caer Darrow in between Western and Eastern Plaguelands. It requires a key to get access too and is more difficult to solo than Stratholme and should really be avoided unless you're after something specific in here or have a full group to run though. A full group makes it easier to run through otherwise even with a level 80 it can be slow. Definitely try to pickup a healer if you are coming here.

Level Range 58-60
Disenchanting Reagents from Items Illusion Dust, Eternal Essence, Large Brilliant

Cloth Type Dropped Runecloth
Number of Bosses 15.
Number of Rare Spawns 0.
Amount to Charge for Run Throughs 50g+
Estimated Time for Level 80 To Run
Through 60 minutes
Potential Gold Per Hour for Run Throughs
with Full Group 200g/hr
Treasure Chests? No
Rare BoE Drops? World Only
Skinnable Mobs? Some
Mines? No
Total Gold Per Hour Potential 300g+

Strategy to Make Gold
Most importantly here is to make sure you have a healer to make this a smooth run and you have people who want to pay you to come here, otherwise I don't recommend it. The advantage for you if you have the key is that not a lot of people who can do run throughs probably will. The Warlock Epic Mount quest, if anyone does it, requires them to come to Scholomance. It's pretty decent dungeon for items and experience for people in the level range. But the priority should be getting a full group, then get a disenchanter to give you the shards from blue gear and someone to loot the cloth for you to sell. This instance can take a long time compared to the rest and has less rewards than Stratholme, but it's an option if you are getting bored of Strat.
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How to - Make yourself look like mario/ luigi!

This can currently work for any race or faction, but of course works best on gnomes.


Click the image to open in full size.

Click the image to open in full size.

Click the image to open in full size.

Click the image to open in full size.

You will need to be level a level 15, (paladin is best)

for the chest, get blue overalls

Blue Overalls

It is created by a tailor --
4x Bolt of Woolen Cloth
2x Fine Thread
2x Blue Dye

For the shirt, get red linen shirt

Red Linen Shirt
Also created by a tailor--
2x Bolt of Linen Cloth
1x Coarse Thread
1x Red Dye

If you want a hat for mario, go to Scarlet Monastary, Run the cathedral, kill high inquisitor Whitemane, and get her hat, "Whitemanes Chapeau"
Whitemane"s Chapeau

Looks alot like the mario hat in my opinion.

For boots you can use default boots, i have figured out they work the same.


Click the image to open in full size.

Click the image to open in full size.

Click the image to open in full size.

Click the image to open in full size.
Green Linen Shirt

Also made by a tailor
3x Bolt of Linen Cloth
1x Fine Thread
1x Green Dye

And if you start off as a paladin, you automatically start with a big hammer, so the weapons set

I will be uploading pictures in 1-2 hours as my wow is being quite glitchy for some reason.

Have fun!
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Questing for gold

If you enjoy questing and want to make an extra 200g everyday doing a very effective and pre-planned route your best bet is to check out mmOverload, They have an AddOn that shows you exactly where to go as you do the quests. It overlays an arrow on your screen pointing in the direction of your next objective, which automatically updates as you progress. It's a must have.

Otherwise, doing quests isn't very effective compared to the methods described in this post. You should only do them if you enjoy them, are working for faction reputation or are working towards an achievement.

Sons of Hodir

The Sons of Hodir are located in Dun Niffelem in Storm Peaks. To make these quests available you must complete the long quest chain in Storm Peaks starting in K3 with: They Took Our Men. By doing their daily quests and turning Relics of Ulduar, you can earn the right to purchase any of these 4 epic shoulder enchants:

Sons of Hodir Daily Quests (82 gold & 1950 Sons of Hodir rep)

Brunnhildar Village

There is a village called Brunnhildar Village in west of Dun Niffelem. You can do these quests before or after you do the Sons of Hodir quests, you will only make about 50 gold and won't earn any reputation.

Sholazar Basin

There are two factions in Sholazar Basin, The Oracles and The Frenzyheart Tribe. You can only progress with one of them at a time, and it costs all your reputation with the opposing faction to do so. The Frenzyheart doesn't have much to offer, however the Oracles will allow you (once revered) to purchase a Mysterious Egg every 7 days which has a small chance of awarding you with a Green Proto-Drake. If you want achievements, I recommend doing the Frenzyheart to Exalted first, then work on The Oracles so that you can obtain [Mercenary of Sholazar] and start buying Mysterious Eggs every 7 days.

The Oracles

The Frenzyheart


There are dozens of daily quests in Icecrown, for both Horde and Alliance. Most of them start from your faction's respective ships: The Skybreaker (Alliance) and Ogrim's Hammer (Horde), both fly over the northeastern area of Icecrown. There are also several mini-areas with quest NPCs.

The Skybreaker (160 gold)

Ogrim's Hammer (160 gold)

The Shadow Vault

The Shadow Vault is located in the north of Icecrown, northwest of Aldur'Thar. You'll find Baron Sliver there who starts some of the quests.

Death's Rise

Death's Rise is located on the far western cliffs of Icecrown, almost to Onslaught Harbor, you'll find Uzo Deathcaller there giving quests.

Kibli Killohertz (Alliance)

Fringe Engineer Tezzla (Horde)

Assault Outposts (Alliance: Ground Commander Koup, Horde: Ground Commander Xutjja)

Ymirheim (Alliance: Frazzle Geargrinder, Horde: Blast Thunderbomb)

Argent Dailies

There are dozens of quests at the Argent Tournament Grounds. Depending on your faction with Silver Covenant/Sunreavers and whether you're a Aspirant, Valiant, Champion or Crusader. At any given time you can go to the Argent Daily grounds and do all the available daily quests and make about 50g. But you'll find yourself spending a lot more time earning access to the various faction rewards than you will making gold. The topic of doing these quest for reputation/collectibles is beyond the scope of this guide, but if you're interested take a look at WoW Wiki's Argent Tournament article to find out what pets and rewards you can earn progressing through the Argent Tournamant Dailies. I don't recommend doing the dailies for gold.

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Avoid No Man's Land debuff while Exploring

We found a way to ignore the No Man's Land buff.

Follow the instructions:

  1. Go to any border of Hyjal with a friend who got a [Chopper] or [Mammoth]
  2. Get into your friends chopper or mammoth
  3. Ride into Hyjal
  4. As soon as the driver gets No Man's Land dismount
  5. After dismounting leave the group (you have to leave the group fast)

It is important to leave after the dismount and not before.

Here is a video which shows how to do it:

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Hellfire Ramparts instance farming

Hellfire Ramparts is the first instance in the Outland located in Hellfire Peninsula. The mobs range from level 60-62. It is easily soloable by any level 80 and can be soloed by as low as level 65 if you go slower and are really good, but you want to be as high of a level as you can to maximize gold output. In one run there are 3 bosses and from these 3 bosses you will get 4 blue drops which can be disenchanted for gold. There will also be greens and cloth to sell. This is also a very good instance to power level alts through.

Level Range 60-62
Disenchanting Reagents from Items Arcane Dust, Small Prismatic Shard, Planar

Cloth Type Dropped Runecloth, Netherweave Cloth
Number of Bosses 3.
Number of Rare Spawns 0.
Amount to Charge for Run Throughs 25g+
Estimated Time for Level 80 To Run Thruogh
15-30 minutes

Potential Gold Per Hour for Run Throughs 400g/hr
with Full Group
Treasure Chests? Yes
Rare BoE Drops? Just World Drops
Skinnable Mobs? Very Few
Mines? No
Total Gold Per Hour Potential 500g+

Strategy to Make Gold
The most important thing to make money out of an instance is to always loot every corpse, then you will want to find a group of people you can charge for a run through. Even if you only get one person to run with you, tell them they loot everything and give it to you and you'll run them for free, it's worth it. You'll end up with a bunch of greens, some blues to disenchant from bosses, and a bunch of cloth to sell. These runs can go very fast so it's best you get as many people as you can lined up for a run through even if you have to reduce the rate you are charging. There should be a good amount of people needing to do Ramparts during the prime time hours of your server because everyone wants a new Death Knight or alt.

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Skip to Last Boss of Old Kingdom! All Classes

today i'de like to share with you a trick in old kingdom to get your group to the last boss, nice and quick.

To start off with you'll have to clear 3 trash mobs on your way, and then the 3 elites before the last boss.

Start here:

Kill the front guards and move up here:

you'll want to head over to this spot, there will be two packs of mobs you'll have to clear.

Once you get there jump up this ledge and head round the corner, it will probably be best to slow walk as its deceptively hard:

once up, keep heading around:

Now jump to the circle, but hug the wall as u do so:

head around this area and it will bring you to here:

Head along the ledge here, hugging the wall:

Move around the third Boss's platform and jump onto the gate here:

Move along here and jump down

Around the corner and you're almost there:

Jump down and you're on the last ledge:

Then finally run across when the mobs pat away, and you're there

Hope you enjoy
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Making Money the Death Knight Way

With the introduction of Death Knights a huge number of moneymaking methods have opened up to people that do not have the patience or the time to level an alt just to max out a profession.

Death Knights start out at level 55 and just by completing their introductory quest line (2-3 hours) they can easily be bumped up to 58. At this point it is a small matter of just taking them to Outland, leveling to 60 (2-5 hours depending on rested experience) and then catching the boat to Northrend. They will be able to learn any profession up to its maximum skill level of 450, though realistically only crafting professions will apply as you will not be able to farm higher level materials with them.

So how do you use such a powerful resource? Easy! Ideally you will have the gathering profession on your main character so that you can supply the crafting Death Knight with all the requirements to level his moneymaking profession and craft the profit bringing items.

Example: Enchanting is a good main character profession to have in this case, as it is relatively hard to level (or better said extremely expensive) and a level 60 character will not have access to the resources (useless quest rewards, vendor bought BoP greens and other Disenchantable but not transferable items) required to easily level Enchanting. The secondary profession can be either
Mining, Skinning, Herbalism or even Tailoring.

The Death Knight alt can then take up Jewelcrafting (recommended especially if you have an Enchanter main), Blacksmithing (again great if you can Disenchant), Leatherworking (you need a Skinner for this) or even Alchemy and Inscription obviously Herbalism will help). Engineering does not mass produce items that can be sold or Disenchanted for big profit, so it is of little use for a crafter alt.

Let’s say you set up your Death Knight as a Jewelcrafter/Blacksmith and your main is an Enchanter/Miner. Every stack of Saronite you get should be Prospected and the proceeds (uncommon and rare gems)should either be transformed into Disenchant fodder or sold on the Auction House, as detailed in the Jewelcrafting chapter of this guide.

As a Blacksmith you can use all the Cobalt Ore you get on your main (smelting it before into Bars), to create the items for presented in the Blacksmithing section of the guide, doubling or even tripling the amount of money you would’ve made with just Mining. Furthermore you will have access to the various Titansteel recipes and never again should you depend on the good will of guild members and friends or have to pay fees to get your Epics crafted for the Auction House.

Thus, for a few hours of leveling and some gold (or more time spent on gathering the materials) spent on powerleveling the professions on the Death Knight, you can end up swimming in gold without really having to ever leave town. Even if you do not take a gathering profession on your main, simply by buying the materials off the Auction House and transforming them into finished goods or enchanting Dusts and Essences you can make a hefty profit for virtually no time investment.

The same can be done with Alchemy and Inscription on the Death Knight and Herbalism on the main character, or Leatherworking on the Knight and Skinning and Enchanting on the main. It is up to you what path you want to take, but the possibilities are nigh endless and the amount of gold you could be raking in is enormous.
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How to keep check of your finances

Gold is always coming in. Gold accumulates in slow increments, whether you are killing mobs, questing or leveling professions. However, you aren’t always able to make it count, as there are so many distractions and possible ways to spend it.

In the following pages we will discuss the ways in which you can keep a tight lid on your purse, allowing you to save gold for more important purchases like mounts, respecs and large gear upgrades.

Loot everything that mobs drop! While people tend to do this at low levels, many forget to do it at high level, when all those greys start to add up! Have enough empty bag space when grinding to pick up everything that drops. Leaving things on bodies is just wasting money.

Do not undersell your items! Know how much all that leather, ore or stone that you collected is worth. No need to guess when you put it on the Auction House and take a loss just to sell fast. If you value your items correctly they will usually sell.

Only buy things you really need! This seems like straightforward common sense knowledge, but you’d be surprised how much the average player wastes on less than needed upgrades. Especially while leveling: unless you really need a new upgrade due to rotten luck with quests and instances, refrain from purchasing those overpriced Blues or Epics. Armor in general tends to be upgraded fairly often, and if you buy it during your leveling spree, it can turn into a large money sink. Those Epics and Blues you’ve spent your mount money on, will not be worth their pixels in 5 levels, while that mount will serve you well a great deal longer.

Another type of items to watch out for are rare patterns for professions. Remember that players have many options for gear now, including Badge Items, Gladiator and Arena Gear, 10-man and Heroic gear. Your crafted armors and weapons cannot compete with such Epics. Think critically when you want to buy them: is there a market for such crafted items, will you get your money back in a timely manner? An example is Formula: Enchant Cloak – Superior Frost Resistance.

The pattern might go for 800-1500 gold, but the enchant itself will rarely sell and even when it does, it will rarely bring in more than a few gold profit over the raw materials. Research the market when you are planning on dropping large sums of money on uncertain items.

Only enchant and gem valuable gear! Sure, you might be stuck with a green helmet for 2 weeks after reaching 80 due to poor drops in instances, but that is no excuse to waste hundreds of gold on it just to vaguely improve its stats. Save your gold for Rare or Epic gear that will not be easily replaced, such as Heroic Emblem gear, Gladiator or Arena gear.

Use your guild! This is of course dependant on you having a guild. Fellow members of a guild will gladly exchange crafting services at no charge in return for the raw material cost. This can save you hundreds of gold in enchants, gems, armor kits and consumables. Make friends with an enchanter in your guild and save all the BoE gear you get. Have him disenchant it into raw materials, thus further funding your enchants. An Alchemist can transmute eternals and green gems into Skyflare or Earthsiege Diamonds, a Jewelcrafter can then cut those meta gems into your desired form. This will save you 50 gold at least when compared to the average Auction Houseprice. Do not abuse your guild though. Making profit at their expense is dangerous, especially if they catch you. If you must sell the items you get crafted at a iscount or for free, then make sure they are not traceable to you or to their crafters (Alchemy, Enchanting and Jewelcrafting materials work best) and use an alt to do the sales.

Following these safety tips will at least ensure that you know where your money has been spent and that you reach high levels with more in your wallet than just dust and air.
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Stratholme Instance Farming

Instance farming is one of the most fun ways to make gold and as an added bonus you can take lower level characters with you, either other players and charge them for the free ride, or your own and level them up while making lots of gold.

Stratholme is the best money maker I know of in the game right now. I put the picture above into this section because I've never had that happen before. While clearing the Abominations before Baron I pulled them all at once and AoE'd them and 4 of the same Bind on Equip Belt dropped, Belt of Valor. Shortly after the Valor Gauntlets dropped, that's 5 BoE Blues in like 1 minute. Now that's not a common occurrence but it goes to show how rich with money Strat is.

Level Range 58-60
Disenchanting Reagents from Items Illusion Dust, Eternal Essence, Large Brilliant

Cloth Type Dropped Runecloth
Number of Bosses 14.
Number of Rare Spawns 3.
Amount to Charge for Run Throughs 50g + (25g for just Baron Run)
Estimated Time for Level 80 To Run Through
40-60 Minutes with healer (15 for Baron Only,

25 for Live Side)
Potential Gold Per Hour for Run Throughs with full Group

Treasure Chests? No
Rare BoE Drops? Yes, Lots of BoE Set Items (Received 7 from one run)

Unique Items Righteous Orbs from Live Side
Skinnable Mobs? Some
Mines? No
Total Gold Per Hour Potential 600g+

Strategy to Make Gold
To make money in Stratholme you will really want to bring an Enchanter with if you aren't one. If you can't do that, it's fine, just sell the items instead; but the Large Brilliant Shards sell for 7-9 gold each on my server, your server might be different but count that up. There are around 14 bosses in a full clear, each one drops a rare blue item that can be disenchanted into a Large Brilliant Shard, that's 14x say 7 gold each, that's 98 gold right there from just the boss kills. Now I usually get 3-10 rare Bind on Equip drops from the zone, these things can be sold for as much as 50g but usually sell for let's say 10g on average. That's another 30-100g right there from BoE Blues. The next thing you're looking for is Righteous Orbs from the live side, I average about 2-5 per run, those sell for 20g on average, that's another 40-100g in Righteous Orbs per run. You're already up to a potential of 300g for the run. Then you have other things like cloth and you can make money running people through. There's also a rare chance at getting a mount off the Baron and you have to take into consideration that the Baron and other bosses drop 2-3 blue items per kill, that's way beyond the 14 total blues i calculated up top. This zone has the most potential for easy farming. The best feature is you don't really need to depend on running people through to make money and it can be profitable done solo.
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Northrend Rare Mob Hunting

The rare mobs of Nothrend (the Silver Elites as they are also called) are a step up in terms of loot from their Outland and Azeroth counterparts. That, plus the Northern Exposure achievement (that requires killing at least once every single rare mob of Northrend), makes finding the Silver Elites a daunting task for the uninitiated hunter.

Not only do these hunted creatures drop various blue items, but also each of them is guaranteed to drop the Abandoned Adventurer’s Satchel. This container holds anything between 15 to 25 gold, a stack of Frostweave and various Crystallized Elementals.

Each zone is home to several Silver Elites and the below macro will allow you to trawl each area and simply spam one button as you fly over the potential spawn points of these endangered beings.

The macro only contains the first few letters of each rare mob’s name so that it fits in just 1 macro and can be easily spammed in whichever zone you are.

/tar Ao
/tar Crazed I
/tar Dir
/tar Fu
/tar Grie
/tar Groc
/tar High T
/tar Hildan
/tar Icehor
/tar King K
/tar King P
/tar Loq
/tar Old C
/tar Pero
/tar Putridu
/tar Scarlet Highl
/tar Seething H
/tar Sy
/tar Te
/tar Tuk
/tar Vig
/tar Vyr
/tar Zul'drak S

Just open your macro window, create a new macro and copy the above targeting text there. Then assign this to an easily accessible key and you are good to hunt for these elusive monsters.

The map below will also help you coordinate your search, as it presents a rough outline of where you will be likely to find rare beasts.

Silver Elites are usually extremely hard to find also because of their wonky spawn schedules. Some have 20 hour long spawns (spawning once every 20 hours), some need to be triggered by killing mobs in an area until the RNG (random number generator)slips the rare spawn instead of normal mobs, while others are dependant on other Silver Elites in the same area. Perseverance will certainly pay off though and you will almost surely be able to find and kill many of the Elites if you look for them on a daily basis.

Each Northrend zone is home to several Elites and below we will shortly present all of them.

Borean Tundra

Icehorn, a Rhino by design, is found just SE of Death’s Strand. He drops Mammoth Hair Crown (with random stat modifiers) in addition to the Satchel.

Old Crystalbark spawns in Coldarra and patrols around the Nexus. His main drop is a plate gauntlet with random modifiers (Crystalbark’s Toenail).

Fumblub Gearwind is piloting a Gyrocopter and patrols the Geyser Fields just north of Kaskala. He drops a leather chest, Fumblub’s Seat Cushion.

Crazed Indu’le Survivor can be found usually just around Star’s Reach. The Tuskarr drops a pair of leather shoulders with random modifiers, the Seal-Fur Spaulders.

Scarlet Highlord Daion resides in New Hearthglen. She drops mail trousers, Highlord’s Padded Legguards.

Tukemuth is a neutral Mammoth patrolling the area around Wyrmrest Temple. He is stronger than normal Silver Elites and at 40k health it is not advisable to try soloing him until level 74-75. When killed he drops Mammoth-Riding Boots.

Grizzly Hills

Seething Hate is a Flesh Beast usually spawning in the caves south of Bluesky Logging Grounds. He leaves behind Ichor-Stained Wraps, a pair of blue cloth bracers.

Grocklar is an Iron Giant patrolling the SW part of Grizzly Hills. He is tough to solo by anyone under level 75 as he has 41k health and can crit for 4-5k. Still, if you manage to slay him, he will drop the Rock Giant’s Pinky Cover, a mail glove with random modifiers.

Syreian the Bonecarver is a Vrykul huntress that spawns in the area south of Thor Modan. She drops a pair of leather leggings, Syreian’s Leggings.

Howling Fjord

King Ping is, funnily enough, a penguin. A killer penguin noless! He spawn near Scalawag Point and drops an Egg-Warming Blanket (cloth chest) when slaughtered.

Vigdis the War Maiden is a Vrykul huntress spawning just west of Nifflevar. She drops a plate belt, the Soul-Sealed Belt.

Perobas the Bloodthirster is a Worgen that patrols around Caldemere Lake. From him you can get the mail Worgen-Scored Shackles.


High Thane Jorfus can spawn in many places in Icecrown, but is usually found either in the Fleshwerks or in Sindragosa’s Fall. He drops the Corroded Faceguard, a plate helmet.

Hildana Deathstealer is a Val’kyr that usually makes her home at the Savage Ledge in Jotunheim. She drops a mail chest, the Val’kyr Vestments.

Putridus the Ancient is a Flesh Giant that patrols all around Ymirheim in the valleys below. His path will take him through extremely hostile territory and considering he has 75k health and hits hard, it is advisable to try and pull him alone. He drops Giant’s Toewrap, a leather bracer.

Sholazar Basin
Aotona is a giant Bird patrolling the Wildgrowth Madrigal in Sholazar Basin. It drops Aotona’s Collar, a plate bracer.

King Krush, a Devilsaur patrolling the Wildgrowth Madrigal and the southern area of Sholazar, is a hard to kill Silver Elite. His 40k health may not seem like much, but he deals a lot of damage and often fears his victim. When disposed of, he drops King’s Eyesocket, a blue ring.

Loque’nahak is a Spirit Beast (the only one of its kind tameable by Hunters) and thus it is heavily camped. If you manage to find and kill it, it drops either Loque’nahak’s Severed Fang (necklace) or Loque’nahak’s Pelt (cloak).

Storm Peaks
Dirkee is a tough mechano-gnome patrolling the central area of Storm Peaks. He has around 50k health and hits plate wearers for up to 1.5k at a time. When killed he drops either the Titanium Brain-Gear (ring) or Dirkee’s Superstructure (a great 2handed mace, one of the few items dropped by Silver Elites that does not come with generic random modifiers).

Vyragosa is a Blue Dragon that flies around in the W part of Storm Peaks, near the Temple of Storms and Frosthold. She shares her spawn with the most sought after rare mob in the game, the Time-Lost Protodrake. When killed, she drops the Azure Dragonleather Helm.

Time-Lost Protodrake… oh how I camped you! The Silver Elite is known to always drop the Reigns of the Time-Lost Protodrake, a very special and very recognizable flying mount. Besides the mount, his loot table includes the Time-Forward Talisman, a blue necklace. He shares spawns with Vyragosa, so if she is up, the Protodrake will not be spawned.

Griegen is an Undead that spawns in the Dead Fields of Zul’Drak. It drops Ethereal Terror Handwraps, a pair of leather gloves.

Zul’drak Sentinel spawns smack down in the center of Zul’Drak. He drops a pair of plate legs, the Eternal Observer’s Legplates. He is tough to solo, having 45k health, dealing a ton of damage and Hexing (Polymorphing) every few seconds.

Terror Spinner is a Spider patrolling a small area in the NE part of Zul’Drak. He drops Calcified Web Spaulders, a pair of mail shoulders.

Besides the achievement, the loot and the prestige, Silver Elites are also much like miniquests. They require patience, luck and determination to find and when you do manage to down one, the reward is almost certainly worth it. So if you ever have time to spare and want to do something besides grinding, raiding or PvPing – go hunt some rares!
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