Make around 2000g/30min farming Nagas in Blasted Lands

Toddler and today i am going to share an excellent farming spot for Big mouth-clams, but this spot is also good for Runecloth and a bunch of pearls. The spot is in Blasted lands just outside the Portal by the coast. Usually these pearls (mostly Black pearls) sells for around 500-600g and you also get a bunch of green/gray BoEs wich you can sell for some more money. Edit: All pearls can be sold for a heft amount and not just the black ones.

Farming this place for about 30minutes gave me 100 Big-mouth clams As you can see down below in the pictures, i got
4 black pearls
100 Zesty clam meat
7 irescident pearls

When i farm this place i get around 4 clams a minute. Its a really cute place, there are lots of murlocks walking away from their home because their village got taken over by the Nagas.


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