[Mage] Incanter's Flow + Rune of Power same time.

When I farm rares I use an addon called Cross Realm Assist, It lets you join random grps with autoinvite on for quick realmhopping, but your could do this manually in grpfinder.

Anyways, I was on my mage and putted down a Rune of Power, Joined a random grp with CRA and I noticed the rune dissapeard but i still had the buff.
Checked my Pyro dmg and it was still buffed with the rune. I ran away from the spot I was standing in but still had the rune. Neat, but then I tried to spec Incanter's flow and yepp they stacked. Checked Pyro dmg again to confirm.

How to do it:
  1. Put down Rune of Power.
  2. Join random grp with CRA or grpfinder.
  3. See rune dissapear.
  4. Leave grp/stay grp dosnt matter.
  5. Spec Incanter's Flow.
  6. Enjoy.
Screenshot of me having both buffs:


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