Sunday, February 1

Edge on twinking

With patch 3.0.8 the level limits on the point at which you can train the gathering professions are removed. This means you can have your gathering professions at 450 at level 19. With the new buffs which came out with 2.4.3 for each one, this can, theoretically give twinks a massive advantage. An additional 50 stamina (500 health) from mining, an additional 32 critical strike rating (roughly 10.9% crit chance for a level 19 rogue) from skinning, or an instant cast 2000 healing over 5 seconds on a 3 minute cooldown from herbalism.

Unfortunately, for this you need a friend to guide you through the higher level areas, preferably done outside of group (to prevent extra XP gain) and you will need to start at a lower level. This makes it basically useless to a twink who is already level 19, but since this is new, if you are able to get on it quickly, get another twink up to 19 and get your gathering profs maxed out, you can have a massive advantage and, effectively, own your fellow twinks with the same ease you normally own level 16 nubs hopping into WSG for their first time.

Random suggestions for increasing your profs at an early level;

All of them:
-Get a pally or mage. Hell, anybody that can cast an instant AoE. Let them guide you around and when mobs charge you due to your aggro range, they can grab them ASAP
-Get a warlock friend if you can't get one of the above. Join their group, let them toss a soulstone on you, leave group that way they can kill for you without you getting xp.
-Keep to 1 zone per ore/herb/skin level when running around getting your skillups. Too many zones means more XP gained from discovering
-Keep to a dedicated path, don't run from it. Once again, decreases the amount of discovery xp.

-Get as many skillups from smelting before you run around mining. Keeps your friends from getting annoyed at you.
-Mining is a good choice if you can't get a friend. You can get many skillups from smelting, that means less corpse runs when running around higher level areas to get your skillups

-Possibly the worst. No easy way to do this one. You have to pick the herbs, you have to have a friend.

-Stay in one spot, let your friends grab the mobs for you. Even better if you can have them run you through an instance (just keep as far away from them as you can to minimize xp gain) then you can run up and skin 'em all. And get some gold while your at it.

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