Monday, February 2

World of Warcraft Gold guide: 1000g+/h farming spot

There is a place called "Fjorn's Anvil" in Stormpeaks which is crawling of "Setthing Revenant". These drops both Crystallized Fire and Relic of Ulduar.

Anyhow I've now been doing 10 runs each exactly 1 hour and counted my earnings each run then divided by 10 to get the value I've mentioned in the topic.

Basicly, just go to Fjorn's Anvil, kill the seething revenants and sell of your stuff for big profit

  • 93 x Relic of Ulduar x 4g = 372g

  • 98 x Crystallized Fire x 6.5g = 637g

  • 63 x Efflorescing Shards x 25s (vendor) = 15,75g

  • 199 x Hoary Crystal x 19s (vendor) = 37,81g

  • 5 x Random Greens x 4.5g (vendor) = 22,5g

  • 1 x Blue random x 30g (AH) = 30g

  • 17 x Random Greys x 3g = 51g

Total profit per hour: 1166g

Remember these are estimated values I got from 10 runs - one run might give more might give less but always atleast 800g / hour.

I have never seen anyone on my server farming here more then me so have fun farming and getting rich

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FreeGameCam on 19 Mar 2009, 14:38:00 said...

WoW 1166g an hour that is great. Noticed you haven't posted in awhile any new updates?
Have you ever
bought gold for wow

Wow Gold on 9 Sept 2009, 16:00:00 said...

Good posting!

wow gold kaufen on 11 Jan 2010, 07:29:00 said...

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