Monday, February 2

World of Warcraft Tricks - No Repair Bills while in the Oculus

To get no repair bills while in the Oculus, simply jump off the edge of any platform you are on. You will not fall to your death, but just be ported right by the instance portal.

And if you reach the last boss, ( epic dragon fight ) don't forget to remove all your equipments..

Yes!!! Do this fight naked..

Sins you fight on a Drake your stats/ equipments doesn't mather at all. You will save a lot of $$ in repair cause the majority of group trying Oculus wipe a lot on the last boss.... especialy on Heroic mode.

Got a nice 84 Gold repair yesterday before i realise i didn't need my equipment.

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Anonymous said...

Your dragon that you ride on does more damage the higher your total item level is. If you take off all your gear you make your dragon real weak...

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