Tuesday, February 3

World of Warcraft: Nice Herbalism Spot

Heres my little neck of the woods for herbing some Icethorn and Lichbloom. Its an easy circuit if you've got your epic flyer.

I do it on my druid so very easy. It has a decent amount and a reasonable respawn time. As an inscriber I basically run a circuit, sit down
mill and make w/e inks then run another which makes it a little less tedious.

Basically just circle the entire area hugging the mountainside
towards the end do a quick glide through the middle
of the flying drakes area.

There are a number of reasons this spot is also good as it is the area where the Time-Lost rare drake spawns that drops the rideable drake and
also in the NW corner ive seen the rare elite Dirkee pop up though he only has blues I believe and a bag with gold etc. So I just hit my
/target time-lost every now and then while flying around and got him one time though missed tagging it to a paladin.

On my realm it seems almost deserted apart from the odd person flying around looking for the rares. Its also 5 secs from the frosthold fp (maybe thats just ally). Hope
this helps.

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Nice, im using it its awesome.

btw, great site i love it :D, keep up the good work!

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