Thursday, February 5

Make Tenebron whelps not spawn at Sartharion

Today doing Sartharion I found out a trick to avoid getting whelps when Tenebron starts hatching his eggs. Sure, doesn't help much, but it's something.

So anyway, the trick is the following. You need a priest, one for each portal you want to despawn actually, since Divine Hymn has 6 minutes cooldown.

1) Wait until Tenebron spawns his portal.
2) Have one of your priests zone in, wait 1-2 seconds and cast "Divine Hymn" (Divine Hymn - Spell - World of Warcraft). It will disorient the eggs.
3) Then your priest will zone out normally.
4) As eggs are disoriented, whelps won't spawn even when Tenebron tries to make them hatch.
5) ????
6) Profit

Repeat as needed if your DPS is slow, sending other priest down there to disorient the eggs again.

I think this could be useful for guilds learning 3 drakes, particularly the 10 man, but it helps on the 25 man as well. No whelps means no DPS time wasted, no extra damage taken, less heals needed, etc.

Can't really provide with any pics of adds "not spawning", so probably someone will have to just try it to confirm it. It worked perfectly for me, couple mins ago.


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