Friday, May 1

How to defeat Valiants and Champions Easily and safe

This a short, but effective, guide on how to defeat the Valiants and Champions in the argent tournament. I wrote this as I it's effecient and safe: Before you start a fight, always make sure you have 3 shields up and running. As you challenge your opponent, he/she will start to ride away from you. 1. Spam your charge, and you will get the first hit, removing one shield. Valiants will now only have one, and champions two. 2. As you charge through your opponent, keep ride just a short distance, and then turn fast while spamming your shield breaker. Most of the time you will get one hit, removing the Valiants last shield, and giving champions only one to reduce damage. Go melee. 3. Keep meleeing your opponent. He/she will eventually start riding away from you to start a charge. Start spamming your charge again, and start over with the guide. This is quite easily mastered, and will normally keep you above 40k hp against every opponent who will keep doing the same thing. Remember to refresh your shield before it reaches 0 seconds. Edit/Delete Message

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Anonymous said...

unrelated to this post - my favorite exploit, the pull a mob from anywhere within target range? no longer works! Navuud's concoction requires that you be in netherstorm :(

Anonymous said...

hello... hapi blogging... have a nice day! just visiting here....

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