Monday, May 4

World of Warcraft Cheats: Solo Chillmaw at anytime!

Alrightio. Basically there is a spot in Icecrown near Chillmaw (Threat From Above guy), where you pull him and he won't ATTACK You, however he won't evade your attack/spells too. This was found by me, while trying to solo him normal way, and when I was running away I noticed this. Please notice, that there's still 3x Adds you gotta deal with. Here's the safespot tracked on minimap : SAFE SPOT : 46.09, 31.44 , If you pull him, and he still attacks you, STEP Back 1/2 steps, and he will stop. Stand there, pull him, and it's done, 100% working if you stand correctly! Remember when you get there, if you move, he will attack you again Please make sure you're near correct mountain and @ correct coordinates. any other mountain won't work. This will aways work when done correctly. Just like ZG Tiger exploit, or stuff like that, a lot depends on practice, but when you get hang of it, it's 100% sucess. Simple tactic, and 100% safe is : Pull Chillmaw while standing there already, thus preventing 3k hits while you're running there. Kill adds that spawns, cause only they are doing damage.

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Anonymous said...

Just like to confirm this works. Some of us might find it easier pulling him further away rather then on the exact location, i couldnt get it to work untill i pulled him from further away.

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