Wednesday, May 6

WoW Trick: Personal Electromagnetic Pulse Generator

It's working as intented but not many ppl know how usefull it can be in Ulduar. So let's start from what the hell it is? Permanently attaches a high-powered device to your belt, allowing you to confuse nearby mechanicals. Only a skilled engineer can activate the modified belt. It's engineering enchant on waist and it's stack with gem socket from BS. All engineers thinks its useless enchant but proppably they dont know about few things. It's on 1minute CD and it'll stun all mechanicals for ~5 sec in sick range from you. Where u can use it? Trashes: Trashes before XT,to interrupt that stupid matrix shield. Trashes to Mimirion,to interrupt sappers. Frogger before Mimirion (bomb-bots way) to stop them and easy walk across. (warning,if u stun them they'll aggro after stun,so after u walk across u must leave combat=vanish,feigh death,invisible,booble etc). Bosses: Xt scrapbots , it's very nice if u want to make achiv "Heroic: Nerf Engineering" Working on other trash on Xt too but I dont think u have problem with other trash than scrap bots there. Mimirion: Working on assult bots,bomb bots and junk bots in phase 3. It have sick aoe range so for example when someone'll put core under boss to bring him down for melee then u can use it and u'll stun all junkbots what u see on screen (sometimes I stunned with that like ~15 bots) Hf with use that Hope it'll help u some.

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