Thursday, May 7

WoW: Get to Tanaris islands and become immune to fatigue in Kalimdor

If you have not read about that one, then here it is really simple. (Keep in mind for this specific bug you will want to set your hearth to stonard before you do the following, to make your life easier) The original bug: step 1: join an arena (skirmish works best) step 2: if it is not ring of valor, keep doing skirmishes til you get a ring of valor step 3: once you are in ring of valor simply log out and back in step 4: You are now in the bugged state upon login you should find yourself in stonard. do the following: Step 1: unequip your gear as you will take a 10% dura hit Step 2: queue for EOTS, take queue when it pops Step 3: you will fall to your death upon entry of the BG Step 4: hit release spirit You should now find yourself to the south of tanaris in fatigue water but no fatigue bar. Not sure which buffs you can/cant use here, when i was on my lock u used unending breath and started taking fatigue, but on dk i could use PoF fine, and on mage i could use water walking elixers Stay out of the non fatigue zones as once you reenter a fatigue zone you will not be immune If you are in the spot i specified, you should see the southern islands in the distance. swim/run towards them and you will be at the souther tanaris islands. Right now im working on one that will do teh same thing in eastern kingdoms but i have a lot of work mapping out hearthstone locations and their coresponding load in locations when it comes to this bug. if you find any other hearth locations that are useful, let us know.

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