Thursday, May 7

Wow Gold trick Milling Herbs For Gold

This is really easy money, and it will work best, if you have herbalism and inscription, but the latter will do. Get some herbs, either pick them yourself or buy them at AH, and mill them into pigment. You mill 5 herbs at a time. I tried this with a level 10 char yesterday. I spend less than 15 minutes flower picking and milling, and then I put for more than 13 Gold i AH, which is pretty nice and handy for a level 10 with needs of bags, armor, weapon etc. which can make me level up faster. For higher levels you can specialise. Use the plugin Mill Help to show you which pigments the herbs will produce. From a stack of Adder's Tounge you get roughly 1 Snowfall Ink + 5-8 Ink of the Sea. Snowfall Ink is about 30-40 Gold on our realm.

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