Sunday, May 10

WoW Gold - Power AH Selling Tips

My latest WoW char is a lvl 16 Warlock, and she has almost 30 Gold, and I've not really been to AH a lot yet, since I created her only 3 days ago (and only play late at night). But these are some of the tips, I use for her and my other chars: * Use Auctioneer This goes without saying, of course. With this plugin I can see at once, if I should vendor an item or put it to sale at AH. I also get the market price, the "no competition" price etc. This is perhaps the most valuable plugin, I use. * Put Things for Sale on Sundays It's my impression that most people shop in AH on Sundays. Perhaps they have played and quested since Friday, and now they need a rest and to upgrade their gear? I don't know, but Sundays are really good for selling. Put your items in the bank until Sunday, then sell Sunday, and cha-ching Monday. * Durations of the auctions Since people will probably be buying Sunday, no need to use a listing above 24 hours, but don't go for 12 hours. It's too short, and it costs only slightly more for 24 hours. * Always use buyout This one is a killer option! Always, always use a buyout. People are NOT patient. They want their new armour now, not tomorrow. If they have to wait to see, if they can win the auction or not, they will probably prefer to buy another item, perhaps even at a higher price. * Undercutting minimum bids Instead of undercutting the buyout price, which will cost you money, try to undercut the minimum bid, if there are a lot who sell the same item, you do. When people sort their search results based on lowest price, this is not determined by the buyout price, but by the minimum bid. But be careful! Don't go below the price you can sell the item for to a vendor.

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