Monday, May 11

WoW Cheat: Stratholme Baron run, no minibosses

I did nearly a dozen runs tonight to make sure it is repeatable, before I made a video and typed this up. It is legit, no mpq edits or extra programs used. The basics of this: if you open up the supply crates (either check the loot, or DESTROY them by spawning bugs or the disease cloud-note they must be destroyed by repeated clicking if they have no loot), the crates in strat UD near the Magistrate open up the abomination gates. Once you get inside the abomination area, opening/destroying the supply crates in there open up ramsteins door, and baron's door. From what I have seen you do not need to destroy all of them, 6-8 seems to do it. I realize baron runs are already pretty quick, and you do lose gold if you are an enchanter...but, not having to kill anything but the bugs and baron himself gives you alot more time to do 5 runs and then logoff and do other things After playing with this for some hours I realised that there is a certain type of crate which opens the gates. Occusionally you will open a supply crate which will be a "double" one. As in, you destroy it, and there is still one there. Whenever you destroy a "doubler" it opens a gate. This means that you take out two 'doublers' on megistrate side to open the gate to abomination area, and then two in abomination area to open door to baron area and the baron room. Hopefully this will save people opening 15+ boxes at a time. Also... you can now skip "Stratholme supply crates" etc. Allowing more space in your inventory for gold dathering blues Using this method I ahve gotten my runs down to 3mins each now. Enjoy! P.S. Is there anyone else who gets the feeling this may be intentionally built in by game designers... as maybe a sort of easter egg? seems strange that the crates and gates would be linked. P.P.S. opening more supply crates in abomination area opens up the gate to the 'portal' you can never get to. Shame that it leads to nowhere

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Anonymous said...


Did you got the mount doing this way? I mean, it droped when you killed Baron opening the gates with the boxes?

I did almost 110 runs without no drop yet...i think the way you open the gates may affect the drop rate.

Best Regards

Anonymous said...

U only need 2 open the first 2 right of the entrence to gain access 2 baron, and i got the mount today on my 3rd run

sQren on 23 Jun 2009, 10:19:00 said...

Thanks to the last poster. You are spot on. Hope it helped the first poster.

BrandonO on 25 Aug 2009, 23:18:00 said...

i don't think the box trick works as of 3.2 can anyone else verify?

Anonymous said...

I tried the crates today and they didnt seem to open the gates :(

Anonymous said...

After 3.2, this trick has been removed. :(

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