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World of Warcraft Trading Card Game - Onyxia's Lair

World of Warcraft Trading Card Game - Onyxia's Lair

World of Warcraft Trading Card Game - Onyxia's Lair
By Mads Vangsoe

One of the things that have made World of Warcraft so incredibly popular are the very challenging and often well designed raid instances. This extension to Upper Deck Entertainment card game in the digital equivalent of the Warcraft universe, is trying to convert one of the most famous encounters in the original game, to a different gaming experience on the corporate board room. Here the players are fighting together against the common enemy.

I called hollow For those who have never set foot in Onyxias "hollow Wyrmburg", or if the memory effect is hengemt in more or less alkoholinducerede mists, we start out with a brief summary of the meeting with one of Azeroth famous dragons. Onyxias Lair was until Burning Crusade expansion hit the streets in early 2007 is unique in its design. There was no endless caves and corridors filled with all kinds of evil to be defeated while the same raid group moved from the boss fight to boss fight. This was Onyxias hollow, and she did not tag with others - ok apart from various subjects to draw, but those we return to. It was straight and hard, but quite a long battle with three different relative phases. Let me at once clear that the developers have made a virtue out of that frame the mood of the digital version, and it denies them back. Have you struggled against Onyxia at home on your PC, you will probably be gripped by the elements that are reflected in the deck and will undoubtedly ne telling anecdotes from your online adventures during the game.

A brand among heroes As mentioned breaking this extension of the traditional way to play World of Warcraft TCG on. Where you usually play one against one, several to several or even all against all, all heroes here together to defeat Onyxia. This has several implications. First and foremost, it means that one player must assume the role of Onyxia, represented by three-hero cards and also have a lot of unique cards, even an entirely new card type. There is only an ultimate requirement for the composition of the group, namely that all heroes must belong to the same side in the conflict - that is either a pure horde, or a straight alliance group, but the road to success depends on many factors. The rules included with the game, had three to five players to be a suitable group. Now is signed may not be a genius in the game and the same can be said about the people I've played with this extension, but we all had good track of the rules (which, incidentally, does not differ substantially from the basic rules) and with a group five persons, we had repeatedly problems hiding. I suspect that our - anything but toptunede decks - has had a major impact, but nonetheless can, depending on the level, arguably more than five heroes in the group without being encountered are too easy. I can not imagine how a hero group of only three players should be able to survive the trip to Wyrmburg, unless in large-scale coordinate its decks themselves.

Onyxia takes off! But let us look at the battle against Onyxia. As the online game is the struggle of three phases, each represented by a Onyxia card. Once a phase is defeated, the Onyxia card gets replaced in a row. When the phase 3 Onyxia is defeated, the players have won. As long as all the heroes are from the same fraction, there is no further restrictions on what cards can be included in the players' decks, and a player's turn is progressing exactly as in normal game. Onyxia function in turn significantly different on several points. Instead of simply pulling a single card each round, the Onyxia-player maps corresponding to the stage in the fight, which means that there are more and more pressure on the players the longer the fight products. The biggest difference is that there is an entirely new phase, called the event phase. Each spin-Onyxia player draws a card from the deck pre constructed event and perform what the text says. For the most part, it is something beneficial for Onyxia, such as new dragon spawn or more cards, but it can occasionally be somewhat beneficial for the heroes. When the event card text is complete, the card changes to Onyxias resource row, and may be used to play Onyxia abilities. Most abilities can be played in all battle phases, but each can only be played in specific phases. The famous deep breath ability is one example, this must be played in phase two when Onyxia is in the air. As with any hero cards, each Onyxia card also has a special ability that requires turning on the card, and can therefore only be used once. These are a form of built-hours in the battle, since they depend on the number of cards in Onyxias resource series and thus corresponds to the number of rounds played has lasted. These special abilities are extremely strong, ranging from being able to eliminate a player directly in phase one, to eradicate the entire group in the third stage, if the player achieves Onyxia-30 resources.

Onyxia's Lair is a different way to play World of Warcraft Trading Card Game, and is certainly a welcome diversion. It is perfect for evenings of friendship layers, where the desire to play ultra-competitive is not there. Although the uncertainty in the events that occur in the fight - and when - adds variation from raid to raid, this extension probably just as long as a traditional extension to the main game. As in the desktop version it becomes tedious fighting the same enemy over and over again, so this extension is of the kind you take off the shelf when the right situation is here and then enjoy in full.


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