Friday, July 31

Easy Way To "Did Somebody Order A Knuckle Sandwich

You can get the achievement "Did Somebody Order a Knuckle Sandwich?", when your unarmed skills reach lvl 400, so you either have to gank quite a few mobs with your bare hands, or take a small workaround that works now, but might get fixed later by Blizzard.

My lvl 80 hunter started out with unarmed skills of 123 at 6:10 PM, reached 399 at 6:50 PM and then 400 at 7:30 PM.

Unfortunaly I didn't get the screenshot with the achievement :( I was chatting at the moment.

Go to the area K3 in Storm Peaks and find "Dim Flathoof" at the coordinates 39.8-86.4.

This trick involves bugs in the game, and I heard about it from a beta tester.

The mobs in this area are level 77-78, so please come as a highlevel char ;-)

Around Dim, you find some gnolls, and some of these are bugged on purpose. You'll know the difference, because when you approach the bugged gnolls, they don't attack you, and if you attack them, they dodge.

So find a gnoll a bit further away, attack him unarmed, and when he responds, run towards Dim Flathoof. Pull the gnoll close to Dim, and when Dim talks to the gnoll, saying something about "no more steal", the gnoll is bugged.

Run after him, and now you can hit him as much as you like. He will not hit back.

Occationally, Dim might pass by and make the gnoll run again. Just follow him and start hitting him again, when he stops.

Do this on a quiet moment on the server. I was a little delayed by a helpful mage, who killed my gnoll for me :D

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