Engineering currently has a number of "Tinkers" that add on-use abilities to items. However, I recently found that contrary to what you'd expect, each item has an independent cooldown; by keeping multiple items with tinkers on them, you can use one every 30 seconds.

Rocket boots:
Use up to 6 per 3 minutes, which is very useful in BGs or just for getting back after a wipe in instances.

Rocket gloves / Hyperspeed:
Doubles the amount you can use in BGs or instances as long as you can get out of combat between fights (an auto-queuing equipment manager helps).

Finally, if not patched, this may become a very nice advantage to the new Mind control helm tinker, which is certain to have a longer cooldown due to its power.

So point is: CD's are independant from each other and you can Eng-Tink like 6 pairs of shoes, each with the rocket tink, using one then switching gear to the next pair of shoes with the same Eng-Tink and using them, and so on. Allowing you to use about six pairs of Eng-Tink'd shoes before the original CD is done on the first pair of shoes.

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