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NoCollision, "fly", exploration tool,


Works with all the trees in the game. All game objects (almost) for example tents, catapults lying on the ground, walls and hidden walls.

I remembered the AB glitch where you started a lot earlier than the rest by jumping up on the clocktower and then jump over the gates in wotlk and i thought, what the hell, let's give it a try.

And it worked. I got through the hidden wall by spamming the macro and jumping forward for about 5 seconds. Sadly they had fixed the thing so you could walk to the clock tower but atleast now i knew that you could get through hidden walls. I have not tried many hidden walls but i will continue trying tomorow.

NoClip video:

/click Graphics_ShadowsDropDownButton
/click DropDownList1Button1
/click Graphics_ViewDistanceDropDownButton
/click DropDownList1Button1
/click VideoOptionsFrameApply

/click Graphics_ShadowsDropDownButton
/click DropDownList1Button5
/click Graphics_ViewDistanceDropDownButton
/click DropDownList1Button5
/click VideoOptionsFrameApply

Last macro didn't have Graphix_ShadowsDropDownButton in. It adds FPS lag which makes the objects in the game load slower = better NoClip

How to use them:

To nocollision objects you must put the macros out on ur keybinds and spam macro 1, 2 ,1, 2, fast until all the game objects will disapear except houses. Normally this takes 1-2 seconds and they disapear for 1.5 seconds or so.

You can walk on the blue boxes. Posting parts of the last post which was mainly about the blue boxes below.

Blue Boxes:

This macro sets view distance short then long then short and repeating leading to graphic lag so you see the blue boxes the world is built of.

The thing that suprised me was that it was possible to WALK on these blue boxes if you spammed the macro. I got even more suprised when i noticed that it had no-collision effect on many objects in the game. (For example the flying rock you start on in EotS.)

Macros and instructions and more info below.


They are around all structures. If it's a house it's a small blue box but if it's a big structure the blue wall can be more than twice as big as the structure!

This works in dungeons and battlegrounds aswell, though, it doesn't work in small dungeons like Wailing Caverns because the map is so small that it wont cause any graphic lag.

If you are in big cities like stormwind there will be a LOT of blue walls and (atleast for my computer) it is almost impossible to walk on them.

Evry structure in the game has these walls except for boats and click-able items(doors, chairs..)
They are the same as the "blue walls" at the edge of the world.

You can get these boxes (last for hours) if you download wow and start to play when it's "playable". (20% or so). Explore the world and you will find lots of these, without using this macro.

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