Saturday, December 29

Young Versions of Hillsbrad Rares added to Old Hillsbrad Instance in Patch 4.3!

The Caverns of Time Instance "Escape from Durnholde Keep" takes place in a zone called "Old Hillsbrad", and while it contains plenty of Easter Eggs all over the place, this particular post is just to detail a new change made to the place in patch 4.3: "Little Samras", a young version of the Big Samras Hillsbrad rare spawn, and "Optimistic Benj", a younger version of the Cranky Benj Hillsbrad rare spawn were added as friendly mobs who hang out in Old Hillsbrad around the same locales as their older, more agressive selves! I really enjoy the humor behind Benj's apparent change in temperament as he's grown older. Pictures of them are here:

Personally, these kinds of tiny unnecessary touches make the game for me, and it means a lot that the development teams are still making the effort to put things like this in to this day. Escape from Durnholde is quite an old instance now, and these new friendly mobs serve no real in-game purpose, which makes it that much cooler to me that they put them in. For explorers like us, they're still doing the good work they've always done.

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