Hey everyone, just want to give something back to the community since I've learned so much from you all!

How this works: After killing Magmaw and Omnotron Defense System in BWD, go to the room where Atramedes spawns and pull the trash pack of four dwarves on the left hand side of the room. One of these adds is named Spirit of Corehammer, leave him up after killing the other three mobs one by one. 

Corehammer spams a debuff on you that causes you to take 13k-16k damage whenever you use an ability, but also increases your damage by 100% and makes all your abilities cost no resources to use. I solo things as a DK so this allowed me to essentially be able to endlessly spam Death Strike and Rune Strike every second! I easily killed all four bosses remaining in the instance doing this and even killed Chimaeron without having the buff that makes you survive if you are above 10k hp! You can pick up some awesome achievements this way, and even if you wipe on Maloriak of Chimaeron, just run back to Atramedes' room (kill him last so trash is up,) and get the add back again!

Hope this is of use to you all!

NPC: Spirit of Corehammer - NPC - World of Warcraft

Debuff: Burden of the Crown - Spell - World of Warcraft

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