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Monday, June 24

change EU wow client to US client vice versa

i recently played World of Warcraft and was playing in EU and due to timezone difference i decide to move to US.

I didn't want to re-download the whole 23gig files again so i experimented
and the result was successful.

I don't know if there is a guide posted already on how to change wow client to US or EU

Here are the steps:

  1. 1.assuming you already have wow client in your pc (EU or US). DOWNLOAD THE INSTALLER YOU WANT TO CHANGE YOUR CLIENT TO. ex. from eu client so ill download US installer from
  2. Install the game in a different folder and wait till u see launcher then close launcher
  3. Now open the folder of your previously installed wow client the full patched one
  4.  In there you can find Data folder double click it and copy everything except cache and (enGB for EU and enUS for US) note: you do not need to copy enGB or enUS and cache
  5.  paste it to your newly installed wow folder inside data folder and overwrite everything
  6. Now open wow launcher of the newly installed wow client
  7. Press help upper left corner and click repair and wait
  8. Now here wow launcher will initialize and detect the main game files and download the enUS or enGB files you can find in the data folder

Note it will only have to download 1gig+ files not the whole 23gig files

Hope it helps and hope it works for you guys because here in my pc it is working perfectly

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