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Monday, June 24

WoW 5.3 Ignore List Mailbox Bug

Just recently We came across a in-game bug with ignoring people

Click below to check the video:

We tested this bug in 2 ways :

  1. We ignored a random guy and he tried sending me a mail and when we checked the mailbox, we noticed the bug
  2. We ignored one of my alts ( as shown in the video ), then we logged on it and sent a mail to my main char. After we logged back in, we checked the mailbox and the bug occurred.

As you've seen it from the video above, when that bug occurs, the game sends you a couple of mails with massive amounts of gold and some random (any quality) items (we even saw a mount in those mails at some points, we think it was Ashes of Al'ar) When you hover on the items in the mail you can see that all the items can be sold for so much gold and we tried many things to get all that gold from inside the mail, even used some scripts, but no luck as of yet,

We keep on trying to break it and loot everything from it ( we think it just might be some C.O.D stuff but we are not sure as the mails are random )

This just may be a theory, and we know it's against forum rules, but this just might be worth it!

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