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Tuesday, September 24

Easy "Gamon Will Save Us!" Achievement

The Achievement says that Gamon has to survive and participate in the Battle against Nazgrim. Well, this week as we did Nazgrim (10 man, Normal Mode) we didnt do the trash mobs with this big demon before Nazgrim, which you have to do so that Gamon follows you to Nazgrim. As already said we didnt do this, Gamon then became mindcontrolled or whatever and started speaking demonic right before we stood before Nazgrim. We didnt care, pulled the boss, downed him first try and got the achievement eventhough Gamon didnt participate in the battle, but he was alive ^^

  • Step 1: Dont do the Demon trash before Nazgrim
  • Step 2: Kill Nazgrim and get achievement

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