So, a friend did this and explained to me exactly what he did.

As you can see, it's up on AH.

so how did he do it?

He used somewhat about 11 hours to do it, spending 150k gold.

He learned Engineering, lvled it high enough to learn the Sky Golem Recipe(Drops from all mobs on Timeless isle)
Once he made 1x Jard's Peculiar Energy Source", he unlearned Engineering and did it all over again.

He lvled 1-600 for about 5-6k gold.

which means 1 mount would cost around 150-180k gold.

And it's on AH for 1million gold right now.

My guess is, he didnt calculate having 30x 1-600 material farm time included in these 11Hours.
so they'd only account for lvling it high enough whilst getting the Sky Golem Recipes over and over again.

oh yeah, it's on live, which is proven by that Firehack shit(since it only works on live)

EDIT: It got sold for about 600k, which makes a profit of about 435k gold.

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