Hi, searched the forum if someone already posted this but didn't find any info on it.

You can only get 1x Key to the Palace of Lei Shen(Key to the Palace of Lei Shen - Item - World of Warcraft) per week.
however, I found a way to get more(only tried with 2 keys at once, will try more)


It's quite simple:
  1. Turn autoloot off
  2. Kill rare npc or normal mobs
  3. Check if there is a key inside but don't loot it yet if there is a key inside start over at step 2 | if not, start over at step 2 
  4. If you have multiple keys inside corpses that you are able to loot you can start to pick them all up one after another, they won't disappear

  • Once you loot 1 or more keys you won't be able to see them drop anymore.
  • Corpses despawn with keys inside them, so you would need to kill them fast and get lucky with drops to get multiple(3+)
  • You could pull Rares together and loot them all at once(higher chance on keys on each corpse)

hope it was something new and not known yet, if there are any questions feel free to ask them 

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