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Wednesday, September 4

Get extra damage boost for 10 seconds.

Id like to share you a small exploit I found while farming old instances. This could be small help for Challenge Mode runners and progress raids.
First of all I have only tested this in Heroic Scarlet Monastery and LFR Throne of Thunder. It might work in arena, haven't tested yet! You can only use this boost once.

  1. 1. Go to Zul'Aman instance
  2. 2. Farm mobs till you get Amani Hex Stick Amani Hex Stick - Item - World of Warcraft
  3. 3. Convert those sticks into rewards. You can get Amani Charm of the Witch Doctor - Item - World of Warcraft Amani Charm of Mighty Mojo - Item - World of WarcraftAmani Charm of the Raging Defender - Item - World of Warcraft or Amani Charm of the Bloodletter - Item - World of Warcraft

For me I used Spell Haste Charm to get Lucidity - Spell - World of Warcraft 25% haste for 10 sec is not bad. I haven't tested the melee or healer options, but I guess they work too.

For me I get this useful when I pop my cd:s with Bloodlust and stuff.

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