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Tuesday, September 3

Words of wisdom from a horde player

This problem stems from an issue I hate the most. Since you can queue for Arenas, BGs, and RBGs, the only real difference on PvP worlds is the world PvP aspect. The sad reality, however, is almost every PvP realm is skewed beyond help. Its really sad to see so many people jump on the bandwagon onto the "winning side" and just have a gankfest on the unfortunate people who didn't know what they were getting themselves into.

I'd rather be with 10 great players, than 100 shitty ones though.

I was on a horde dominated server, as a Horde. The Horde would grief daily zones, etc. The Alliance had a few good players, but they couldn't overcome the numbers. My 5v5 team were bored, so we agreed to Faction Switch. And make it so that the Alliance dominate the Daily Quest zones, Never have I seen so many Horde baddies switch over to their Alliance alts and flame me, begging to come back to Horde, some even saying it was cheating and unfair because they can't do dailys with me ganking them.

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