So i went on my alt to buy the Mage Replica area52 vanilla pvp set transmog and i did find that i couldnt buy the Items as intended, but however when i switched to show all items, i was able to even tho i should not with an 2000rbg rating.

For those saying it is intended, Take a look at the Patch notes HERE
"Characters that have attained requisite title levels (Centurion, Knight-Captain, Grand Marshal, High Warlord, etc.) through the Rated Battleground system will be able to purchase old PVP items requiring those titles."

As you can see, this is how the tab normaly looks like when you talk to a vendor.

But if you now swap that out to Show all, it will still let you buy the 2300+ Req items.

Also works for weapons most of the time.

i dont know if this is intended, but im quite possitive it is not, due to the fact you cant see em when you normaly talk to the vendor (Due to under rating) but if u swap to "ALL" you are able to scroll thought all the items and its listed there.

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