This trick can only be performed before you complete the quest Pandaren Spirit Tamer

Once you have completed that quest, you will no longer be able to do this on any of your characters for this account (as pet battle are account wide)

You can Fight any of the 4 spirit in unlimited battles getting max xp for every kill.

Just never turn in that quest, and you can fight them again. They have patched all tamers from this (such as Nishi) because the quest for tamers are only 1 objective, (Defeat the Tamer), but the quest PANDAREN SPIRIT TAMER has 4 objectives (Defeat the 4 spirits) therefore does not "Lock" itself.

So fight them repeatedly with no mercy! This works very well!

I know most of you wont be able to test this on your main accounts... but try it on another account and you can level your cageable pets with that account and trade them back to your main!

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