The reason why this place is so good is that it's nothing like the rest of The Jade Forest. The density of Trillium Veins, Rich Ghost Iron Deposits and Golden Lotuses are significantly higher. You will most likely be alone here, since no Honorbuddy scripts (yet as far as I know) fly over to this island for mining/herbing, and few people seems to know about it. Another big plus is that it's most common herb is probably Fool's Cap, which sells (at least on my server) for way more than e.g. Green Tea Leaf.


When you pick one herb/mine a vein a new herb/vein will spawn instantly, as far as I've seen. Quite often the same herb/vein spawns again right after you've mined one.

What you will find here is:

  • Golden Lotus
  • Black Trillium Ore
  • White Trillium Ore
  • Ghost Iron Ore
  • Silkweed
  • Fool's Cap
  • and occasionally the cheaper Green Tea Leaf.

If you have mining/skinning, or herbalism/skinning that's fine too. The island is rich in instantly spawning turtles and is the residence of many types of tigers.

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