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Sunday, October 6

3K Gold per hour for 3 people

As you may know, when you complete a scenario within a guild group, your guild gets 150g. Now this reward counts for any kind of scenario, so here is what you do:

  1. Get 3 DDs (with little ramp-up time at best)
  2. Join a guild.
  3. Queue for the 'Arena of Annihilation' -> Tested this myself minutes ago with 3 DDs each doing around 120k dps (2 Shadows, 1 WL, ilvl 530). Took us 2:50 to clear the Scenario.
  4. Clear the instance as fast as possible, position one guy at the gong, for insta clicks after bosses die.
  5. Rinse and repeat, change guild after 15 Scenarios.
If it takes you 3 Minutes (with queueing, loading screen and so on) for one run, that's 20 runs an hour = 3k gold for 3 people. Besides you can level guild with that, dunno how much xp it rewards.

Have fun with this.

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