I am not sure if other classes can control Undead like a DK, but if so, this may work for them too.

In this guide, we will be using Control Undead to use: Spectral Brewmaster - NPC - World of Warcraft as our minion.

Use the spell to pull a Brewmaster under your command, and run from the village where you control the NPC, close to the Alliance landing, killing non-elite EVERYTHING you'd like. The Brewmaster uses the Spinning Crane Kick AOE and destroys everything near you in seconds. When it is your pet, it tends to draw toward you when spinning, so you want to make sure you are near enough to the adds so they help you. Once the spell expires after 5 mins, cast it again or get a new one, and this is really easy. This will probably help at 90 too, in general.

Also, it is a fully controlled pet like a hunter has, so you can send it in first to soak up the pack and launch your Death and Decay to hold the pack while the Brewmaster AOE's them.

Video of it working at 89:

My route, right to left after I snag a Brewmaster:

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