There's a trick ingame to force your ilevel to scale down, most likely for a feature in the new expansion.


 ^video proof, he unknowningly scaled down his ilevel and went to do a mountrun as normal, but you can see his HP is only 5.9k and he dies pretty fast.


^his armory

The way to do it is in his own words: "Basically i was in a heroic while in que for another, went to zone out but the only teleport option was to teleport TO dungeon. So wondering what it would do i pressed it and thats where i found the bug. Luckly i happened to be recording when it happened so here it is."

Prereqs for this trick to work, Finish a (heroic) instance through LFD, queue for another, have your friend go into the instance you want to teleport and scale down to, rightclick LFD tool and choose "Teleport to Dungeon" and you should be inside the dungeon your friend is in, but with scaled down ilevel.

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