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Monday, October 21

WoW Exploits 5.4 (Mind Control Pet & Infinite Cannon)

Here is a new exploit using a quest acquired from Booty Bay called "Drive-By Piracy." There is so much to do with this quest. You can spawn infinite cannons. You can have infinite mind control and acquire a pet from any mob, or have any pet your player. I really advice messing with this some more because I'm sure it has a lot more potential! I hope you guys enjoy and most of all have fun. More videos are coming I promise that, and are going to be better than ever.


1. Acquire Drive-By Piracy from Booty Bay quest chain.
2. To spawn infinite cannons, hop in a vehicle and have and enemy player kill the boat.
3. To gain a pet, mind control player or mob, and at 50% click into the vehicle.
4. You now have them has a pet and can do many things.
5. Mind vision to move them around. Flight Path/Hearthstone to port them to you.

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