Saturday, November 16

95% win every Pet battle PvP fight! (Needs blizzcon pet)

So I recently found that you can win every single pet battle game (I guess you might lose if you face the same team, or a team that counters with AoE and removing the blocks early, but you will still do more damage than them) by using a team that has block up every single round. I am sorry if this is a repost, but I didn't find any old threads.
The team consists of the following:
Murkalot, the blizzcon 2013 pet with Shieldstorm and Righteous Inspiration.
Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling with Decoy and Thunderbolt.
Spawn of G'nathus with Dive and Thunderbolt.

The way this team works is by starting out with Murkalot and shielding the whole team and switching pet to the Dragonling, which Thunderbolt the whole enemy team and puts up Decoy. Then switch to the G'nathus and Thunderbolt following it by Dive. And repeat. Here's how every round would look:
Round1: Shieldstorm
Round2: Righteous Inspiration and change to Dragonling
Round3: Thunderbolt
Round4: Decoy
Round5: Change to G'nathus
Round6: Thunderbolt
Round7 :Dive
Round8 :Dive
Round9: Change to Murkalot
Round10: Shieldstorm
........ and so on.
The enemy has only one round of doing damage on you, which is during round8, Dive. Use this while it's working, I see a nerf incoming real soon.

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