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Sunday, November 17

Warlords of Draenor - Information

Massive compiled list of things that I've come across thus far in one nice and easy to read place.

General Information
  • New world: Draenor
  • Build and upgrade your garrison
  • New character models (Dwarf and Orc seen released already.) All races minus Worgen and Goblins will receive updates.
  • Level cap raised to 100 & Level 100 talents
  • New monsters
  • New world PvP zone
  • New items and rewards
  • Hundreds of new quests
  • Boost to 90 and play immediately - "If you buy the expansion box, you can boost ONE character to 90."
  • No flying from lvl 90-100, and still no flying until the first major content patch(only in Draenor).

Raids & Dungeons
  • LFR will also allow scaling technology.
  • Normal/Heroic will be changed to allow for 10-25 players (instead of currently 10 and 25 only).
  • Normal/Heroic will be cross-realm on release.
  • Normal/Heroic will NOT have boss locks like they have now. Instead, they will have loot locks similar to LFR/Flex. You can do normal/heroic raids multiple times in a single week, just without loot.
  • Mechanics that change when you have a certain amount of players will be addressed by having a chance of mechanics to hit depending on how many people you have. (The panelist gave the example of Protectors' Shadow Word: Bane hitting two players at 10-14 players, but three players once you hit 15 players. In the new system, there will be a certain percent chance that two players will be targeted vs. three players.)
  • Currently, Normal/Heroic will NOT have individual loot, and will keep the boss dropping random loot. However, with the addition of players, the percent chance to get more items off the boss (10m gives two pieces, if you add another player, you have a certain percent chance to get a third piece, I assume there are breakpoints for this, but they were not revealed).
  • Mythic is a new difficulty, around the same difficulty as current heroic raids, has a SET 20 player limit. This is NOT cross-realm on release.
  • First raid will be a smaller "intro" 6 boss raid similar to MSV, followed by a 10 man major tier raid. First raid is Highmaul, major 10 boss raid will be Blackrock Foundry.
  • Stacking the Deck" new dungeon finder/raid finder buff. You gain bonus valor for queuing into dungeon finder with pre-made groups.

Garrisons & How it'll affect us
  • This will act as the Valley of the Four Winds' farm on crack.
  • This activity has it's own complex UI.
  • You can unlock buildings by finding world drop recipes.
  • You must fill all building plots to unlock new tiers, new tiers unlock even more building plots.
  • You can find followers that unlock certain activities or buildings for your garrison. For example, if you find an engineer, you can build engineering buildings.
  • You can assign followers to work, generating a certain amount of resources per hour.
  • You can have followers go on raids/dungeons/etc. to get gear and resources.

System and Social
  • In-game Blizzard group finder, similar to OQueue or OpenRaid.
  • "Stacking the Deck" new dungeon finder/raid finder buff. You gain bonus valor for queuing into dungeon finder with pre-made groups.
  • Each time you level 91-100, you gain a bonus to core abilities. These will mostly be passive, and increase EACH level.
  • There will be little/no daily quests at max level.
  • There will be more max level content than ever before, this content will be similar to Timeless Isle and Isle of Thunder mechanics.

Items & Class sets
  • Hit/Expertise removed!
  • Dodge/Parry removed!
  • Reforge removed!
  • There will be few enchants in the expansion to choose.
  • There will be few gems in the expansion to choose.
  • Gear will have little gem slots, similar to Warforged/Thunderforged, some gear may have extra gem slots.
  • All gear will be both strength/intellect/agility/etc, which just changes with your specialization.
  • Each class will have ONE tier set, the tier set effect changes with your specialization.
  • Armor and Spirit will become main stats for tanks and healers, respecively.
  • Items have a random chance to have special effects on each item. (Life-steal, Avoidance, Durability, Speed, etc.)
  • Heirlooms & Toys and possibly Tabards will have their own interface to be truly account bound now.
  • Item squish confirmed.

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