Some of you might know this but for those that don't here it is.
Currently, if you use Rushing Jade Wind it should give you only one Chi for the full duration. However, if you use Leg Sweep during RJW and the animation hits at least 3 targets it grants an additional Chi. This is due to having the chi generation tied to the animation rather than the hit itself. (Spinning Crane Kick, Rushing Jade Wind Starting animation and Leg Sweep animations are the same)

It's not incredibly OP due to the 45s CD on LS but it is still useful.

I found this useful during our progress on Thok where you are rather starved for Chi and another instant Chi generator is useful.

So here it is in short for the TL;DR guys:

RJW -> Grants you 1 Chi.
RJW + Leg Sweep -> 2 Chi.

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