You will create this mount: Schematic: Mekgineer's Chopper - Item - World of Warcraft

I assume you already know how to create it or how to learn the recipe. If not, go check Comment #46 on the Link.

I will now tell you some Tipps/Tricks how to make profit with this mount.

First: You can make the most profit by farming most the mats, but we dont want to do that.
Second: You will have to spend 12.500g for the Vendor mats. For me (Human + lvl 25 Guild) the price is 11250g. Dont think my human race affects the price tho.
Third: Now, there are three other mats: 2x Arctic Fur, 40x Handful of Cobalt Bolts, 12x Titansteel Bar.

Important: Arctic Fur is worth like nothing and you should not spend more than 5-10g. Cobalt Bolts can be farmed easily if you want to save some money. You should do that, if you're not able to finish all titansteel bars right away. Letz say all 40x Handful of Cobalt Bolts are max. 400g.

Very important: The money you spend on titansteel bars has a huge impact on the profit you will do. Without titansteel bars you already have spend - letz say - 13000g.
The mount usually goes for 19.000g or 18.000g and in the end you will get maybe 17.000-18.000g with selling via the auctionhouse. So the minimum profit you can make is 4000g.

The buyout price for all titansteel bars would be like 3600g. So in the end, you would not make any profit. Therefore, you have to limit the gold you spend on titansteel bars as much as possible.


One Titansteelbar is created with 3 Titan bars and 1 Eternal Fire 1 Eternal Earth and 1 Eternal Shadow. Those Eternal's usually go for ~35g. But you can completly ignore those costs, because you can buy Eternal's with Frozen Orbs and Frozen Orbs with Justice Points. (110 Justice Points = 1 Frozen Orb = 1 Eternal) You can also switch Honor Points into Justice Points and buy more Frozen Orbs. Sometimes Frozen Orbs are in the auctionhouse for 15g. You can even buy those, turn the into Eternals and sell those Eternals for Profit. Anyway, getting those Eternals is easy and cheap and will save you 12*3*35g = ~1260g.

Now you need 72 Titan ores. Usually buying Ore is cheaper than buying the Bars. Go check for ores. I Bought 20 Ore for 400g. So in the end I bought 72 Ore for only1440g. 400g for 20 Ore is the regular price, means not even cheap and if you're lucky, you can get them even cheaper.

So at this time i spent: 1440g (Ore) + 11250g(Vendor Mats) + 400g (Cobalt Bolts) + 20g (Flur) = 13110g.
Selling for the best price possible (20.000g face2face) would be profit of 6890g.

So all im saying: If you're an engineer, include titanore into your auctionhouse scans and if you find some cheap ones, buy them all, make a chopper and make profit!

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