Some of you may see it as useless and a complete waste of time or crutches that only people horrible at this game need, but others may find this info useful.

One minute CD extra trinket also makes you immune to stun for 3 secs
Living Action Potion - Item - World of Warcraft

One second extra shadowmeld
Salyin Battle Banner - Item - World of Warcraft

How to make sure stealthers almost never get an opener on you
Find a priest with MC
Head over to Searing Gorge and find the mob called Twilight Fire Guard
They have an interesting spell called Fire Shield - Spell - World of Warcraft which is an aura that pulses around you.Have the priest MC the mob and buff you. Unless the rogue runs the 40 yard range sstep you are practically ''immune'' for 10 minutes.

How to have stealth tracking(as a nonhunter)
Simply drink Elixir of the Searching Eye - Item - World of Warcraft . It functions EXACTLY like hunter stealth tracking with the same yards and everything. Does not count as a battle or guardian elixir.

How to protect your magic buffs
Say you got the fire shield or you are a druid but ******* mages shamans and priest start spellstealing you. These extra 4 buffs lessen the chance something useful will be stolen.
Noggenfogger Elixir - Item - World of Warcraft 2x buffs, one also makes you small which is useful
Kaja'Cola - Item - World of Warcraft
Electromagnetic Gigaflux Reactivator - Item - World of Warcraft use it ,switch back the main helmet, you still keep the buff

Extra 266k absorb nature damage shield for 2 minutes
Mighty Nature Protection Potion - Item - World of Warcraft . While other potions are scaled to 5.1k absorb, this one for some reason scales up to level 90. Prepot it before the bg starts so you can also use the living action potions.

Minor distractions.
I use these when I use my Spectral gulSE, macrod.
Archmage Vargoth's Staff - Item - World of Warcraft , Totem of Spirits - Item - World of Warcraft , Poison Extraction Totem - Item - World of Warcraft . When I stealth, this also pops out 2x totems and an NPC which initiates a quest in a bg. Too many people fall for this, allowing you to get away.

Make yourself invisible
al-li's skymirror
ethereal oil

But the nameplate can still be seen

Extra useless summons
Book of the Dead - Item - World of Warcraft . Most are useless but the book of the dead, abracadaver and the pumpkin sword, use it to summon a minion before a bg that lasts 1 minute and switch back to the main weapon and still keep the minion. You have no idea how many idiots use up their stuns on these pets. The sword is the best because 3x minions for cluster****.

Extra poison cleanse that can be spammed over 60 times per bg ( takes up a GCD)
Since you are in Searing Gorge, head over to Upper Blackrock Spire and kill Spire Spider and Spire Spiderling which drop Immature Venom Sac - Item - World of Warcraft . These cause a GCD but can be spammed. Amazing if you are a priest or other class that cant cleanse poisons. No longer having to wait for that 6 second paladin cleanse
track humanoids as a nonhunter
Blackened Worg Steak - Item - World of Warcraft
but I don't think its worthy enough of a stat loss from a buf food(eg 375 agil/intellect). The elixir of searching eye on the other hand just stacks making it more appealing.

Untrackable by hunters/druids(not 100% how it works)

Elixir of Camouflage - Item - World of Warcraft also allows you to remain untrackable by hunters and druids but it doesn't stack with the searching eye elixir. I am not 100% sure if its just the minimap that the elixir doesn't allow the tracking or also cancels out the track hidden hunters do. I would have to test but im betting its just the minimap tracking that's affected

Redcap Toadstool - Item - World of Warcraft I don't like this one compared to the venom sacs as it lowers the still existing resistances , has 2 minute CD and cant be spammed as much(still has a GCD)

A sentry type one minute NPC that ''could'' guard nodes/flags
Thornling Seed - Item - World of Warcraft - summons a level 45 NPC that does an AOE every 2 seconds for 25 pulses at around 35 damage a tick. Can be 1 shotted by anything though, I macrod it into my priest's spectral ***** for 4x things(2x totems/archmage and this)

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