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Friday, November 8

Cheese Heroic Garrosh Phase 4.

For this to work, you need the suicide dagger from Isle of Thunder(ToT Isle).

When you reach phase 4 on Heroic, the boss will cast Malice on you, now instead of stacking inside it, and moving out with the debuff, you can instantly kill yourself with malice on you, and be ressed afterwards.

The reason for Garrosh being cheesed this way is because he wont get any energy from the malice, and therefore you can EXTEND the times between getting the ball(taking insane dmg).

On 10 man, you can only be ressed once, but if you've got shamans you can ahnk them up afterwards.

So this way of cheesing is alot easier on 25 man :>

The whole exploit thing in this, is that you're using a world item to get rid of a mechanic inside a raid.
(Previous items, such as the taunting dude-item on durumu was fixed to not be useable inside raid instances any longer).

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