Okay, this guide is going to be about leveling a toon without actually playing them, by making use of certain quests and items. This is not a speed leveling method, but rather one that will level the desired alt over an extended period of time.

First off, you will need an Elixir of Ancient Knowledge: Elixir of Ancient Knowledge 
Second, you need a pet battle team capable of taking out three Level 11 pets.
Third, gather together any XP boosting items or buffs you might want. The Darkmoon Carousel, heirlooms, and of course the Fast Track guild perk.

This potion gives +300% XP for one hour, including mobs and quests, and does not persist through death or past 84. It drops off a rare called Krol the Blade in Dread Wastes (9% drop chance) or Archiereus of Flame on the Timeless Isle (2% drop chance). Personally, I farmed Krol to get my potion since it was a better drop chance and I could camp it reliably.

Once you have the potion, send it to the alt you want to level up but DO NOT DRINK IT. Normally the first reaction would be to build up 25 quests in the log, drink it, then turn them all in. But this is the lazy way of leveling and that's too much work and just blows the whole load at once for less benefit than what you'll get for patience. Instead we'll be making use of five pet battle trainer daily quests. What makes these quests special is that they are account-wide and are able to be turned in from the journal no matter where you are, or what faction. This means you can complete the quest on one toon then log onto another and turn it in.

The five pet trainers you want to smack around daily are:

Bill has the highest level team of the bunch at Level 11. Personally I used a Rare Arcane Eye with Mana Surge for these quests. Except for Bill each tick of Mana Surge oneshot the opposing pets. You can use anything though. A Level 25 pet will outright slaughter everything these guys can throw at you.

Just get on a toon other than the one you're leveling and do the quests then log off. Log on to the toon being leveled, quaff the potion, then turn in all five quests for huge XP. Personally my Warlock went from Level 50 to 52.5 in under ten seconds today after I set everything up. After you've turned them in then log off to preserve the potion buff (and hopefully Darkmoon Carousel too). Repeat daily until 85 without ever having to set foot in Outland, Northrend, or Cata zones.

If you have a good stable of Level 25 pets, then consider getting the toon being leveled to your faction's Pandaria city, before drinking the potion, and doing the Beasts of Fable quests on another toon. Park the one being leveled in the Shrine, go do the quests on another toon, then log back on and turn them in. That makes 8 quests daily at over 300% XP with bonus battlestones. Lazy leveling indeed.

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