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Friday, November 8

What some people have been trying to say about LFR the whole time...

I wish being a shopkeeper or farmer was a legit route to take in this game i would play the shit out of it, I get tired of mindlessly killing stuff. I'd love for them to create a shop concept in the same vein as what they did for Halfhill Farm.

There's a lot of simulation they could add to this game to bring more fun to casual players. My problem, at least with what they have added so far, is that Halfhill Farm is still just dailies and on a pvp server you are bound to get ganked as soon as you leave the safety zone. If they added some sort of social skills that were used exclusively in towns and cities and involved housing, innkeeping, and shops that would be absolutely amazing.

But it would probably be like, a 25 quest long chain to get it started and then 5 dailies every time you want to serve customers. Then after that you can't do anything else...

I wish Blizz/WoW took the social aspect more seriously. If they had guild housing or things of that nature, I'd probably still be subbed. But last time I played I made it to 90 before I ever even saw another guild member, because there is no need to do anything in person any more....

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