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Monday, November 25

Heroic Garrosh Trick

During garrosh, you get sucked into the corrupted heart, where you then have to clear a bunch of adds and then dps garrosh before he goes over 25/50 energy. On heroic, the intermissions are always the same, jade serpent first and then terrace second. When you go into the first intermission, if you turn around from where you port in, druids and mages can blink through the door, and it pops you out in the terrace intermission room, where you can then start killing adds. If you have the right comp of druids/mages to have a tank/healer and some dps, you can potentially send a group in to clear the second intermission while still clearing the first intermission. 

High potential to make this part of the fight really easy. I havnt been able to test what exactly happens when you kill the adds, but you can assume that when you head back in for the second intermission, they will be dead still and you will skip an intermission phase.

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