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Sunday, November 24

Paladin Transmog, almost 9 full complete sets (3 favorite shown)

Aegis Battlegear (Recolor)
Dropped from various bosses in Ulduar, Weapon is Abbadon from Yogg-Saron.

Another view

Mixed Sets.

Helm from Anub'arak, shoulders from Naxxramas, Boots from ICC, I believe the rest is from Ulduar. Edge of Agony(Horde only) from Trial of the Crusader.

Another view
Third favorite set, BC vendor in Shattrath.

Draconic Avenger (Weapon) is from Blackwing Lair.

Soooo many weapons/shields!

Total of almost 9 complete transmog sets.

Other 6 sets: Paladin Lightsworn Tier(ICC)
Paladin Avenger's Battlegear (AQ40)
Paladin Tier 2 (Judgement)
Paladin Judgement Recolor(Purple)
Battlegear of Valor
Paladin Liadrin's Plate(TotC)

Player use various capes for each set, and many can be found on World of Wardrobes(it can be slow).

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