I decided to level a hunter and was boored of all the quests and dungeoning so i decided to try something else,
I had no idea this was going to work in my favor and with such great speed.
Now to the Guide, Enjoy!

2 Accounts or 1 nice friend.
A few Characters on different Realms.(Check Below for Guide)
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How fast will i take 1-60?
It all depends on the rare spawns and on how many are doing it.
I prefer to do it at Night time when not so many are online.
Also if you are RaF'd with someone while doing this you will level INSANELY fast.

So what are we going to do?
Blizzard recently added so that you gain lots of experience by killing rare monsters, about twice exp as you get from a quest.
So lets say you get 2k exp from a quest at lvl 20, you'll get about 4-5k exp from the rare monster, and imagine how much quicker you kill a rare monster instead of killing 20x monsters for a silly quest which you have already done to many times.

This guide will be for the Horde side might make Alliance aswell.
So lets start with making a few characters across some Realms on your other account(Not your main account).
Make a level 1 Horde on the following Realms;
Argent Dawn
Earthen Ring

Now that you have created a level 1 horde on all those realms with your other account, login to any of those realms and add your main accounts battle.net ID to your friendlist so that you can invite yourself later on.

Now start by scanning the leveling area you are on with your Main account on your main realm, (Might be hard to locate any rares on a high populated realm)
after you killed the rares on your server or if there werent any, login to your other account and invite your main account to a party.
You should get a message like this.

Now as soon as you accept the invitation you will be invited over to Cross realm on your "Low Populated realm" (one of those above as mentioned).
Go kill all the rares again and when you are done again, just login to another realm and do the same thing over and over.



Northern Barrens

Ashenvale (Very Quick)

25-30 (Very quick)
Stonetalon Mountains

Southern Barrens

35-40 (Very quick)
Dustwallow Marsh

40-45 (The thing with 40-45 is that there are not any perfect spots so you decide if you kill rares from 40-45 or quest, I would prefer questing those 5 levels or dungeons)
Eastern Plaguelands


50-55 ( You might have to switch between Winterspring or Un'goro or do a few quests for these levels)

55-58(You can stay untill level 60 but why would you? you can go to Outland now!)

I hope i am not forgetting something! if i have i'll make sure to add it later on.

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