Mob: Slitherscale Eggdrinker

Location: Jade Forest, Windward Isle around 66, 28

Drops: Averaging about 1 plundered treasure/1 mote/1 stack of cloth(with tailor) per minute with blue and purple possibilities.

What class can farm: As far as I can see any class is suitable for this because they all run to a choke point, don't hit hard and 400k health each.

Video of farming:

Tips: Keep potion of luck up at all times, use portable guild bank or engineer mailbox so you don't have to find one, Like all farming spots the more you move, the more mobs spawn. This is a way to control how much you get ie. keep strafing and once they die they will spawn, stand still and it's around 10-15s spawn.

HOW TO KEEP GOOD FARM SPOTS LIKE THIS ALIVE: DO NOT POWER LEVEL PEOPLE ON SPOTS LIKE THIS. It is just completely ignorant considering the faster better alternatives to power leveling and gets these spots nerfed in a week.
Don't bot it, or don't bot it ignorantly. If you don't know what i'm talking about, just please don't ruin good things for us.

This feels like vale imps with drops, but a melee can do it just as easy. You're welcome

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