Sunday, December 22

2 x mount from Challenge Mode / Grevious gear for honor unlocked on extra character

There is a possibility to have 2 mounts from Challenge Mode on 1 character.
This is what you will need:
  • 1x Battle/ net account with 2 subaccounts (will call them later WoW1 and WoW2)
  • - you CAN'T have achievement on this account for Challenge Mode (u can have single achievs just not meta silver achi)
  • 2 characters to do Challenge Mode on separate accounts on WoW1 and WoW2

And this is what you need to do in few steps:
  1. Lets say that your main character called XXX is on WoW1 account
  2. On WoW2 account you make Challenge Modes on your alt ZZZ
  3. When you doing last Challenge Mode silver you NEED to be logged on BOTH characters on 2WoW clients
  4. While completing achievement both characters XXX and ZZZ will get mount (silver) and transmo gear (gold) 
  5. Then you need to do again Challenge Modes on your main character XXX. You will get again transmo gear and mount in mailbox
This also works for 27 000 conquest points achiev.

If you will make it on XXX while ZZZ is online then ZZZ will be able to buy Grevious gear for honor.

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